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  1. Apart from the big yellow notices on the bus stops from the middle of last week.
  2. Apart from the notices that were still on the bus stops this morning down to the bus stop opposite the post office.
  3. If only they had put the closure notice on big yellow signs for the last 2 weeks. If only they had big yellow notices on the bus stops on the route for the last week.
  4. Nah Jason Crock and ohmyword are both Rampent. Bedrock wasn't that clever.
  5. I've not seen it but I think OfSheffvlad has been watching.
  6. My lunch break times are in my contract (unpaid) but I do change them if needed by my employer or me.
  7. What??? My contracted working week excludes lunch breaks. I've never heard of a contract that does.
  8. We went in the Corner House at Leeming bar the other week, that was ok.
  9. Just picked my dog and two cats up from there and they were fine. Been using them for a couple of years now and never had a problem, they stay two or three times a year. Only thing I'd say as a negative is my dog is a boxer bitch and a bit timid and she doesn't like the noise of other barking dogs but she'd have to put up with it anywhere.
  10. Do the Council really give housing and council tax subsidies for traders not earning enough? I've heard of small business rate relief but council tax is a tax on the home not the business.
  11. The animals would eat the baby. Simples.
  12. There's probably not much difference between them although Fuerteventura is probably the windiest so might feel the coldest (not that any will be cold!), especially at night Check out holiday-weather.com and compare the averages. I've been to Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote in November and all have been about the same.
  13. She's got connections, what's her surname?
  14. Yes it's closed and it's going to be converted into a garage for the people next door.
  15. We've got one of those in my office. he's always the first when they are being dished out but has never ever brought any in. Never puts in a collection either. Tight git!
  16. Not heard about Stephen for a while. He's probably the fat greedy urchin.
  17. Have you fallen out with Stephen or has he just changed his name to Daniel?
  18. He'd actually been given leave because his wife Emma is about to give birth.
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