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  1. Hi thanks for replying. There was a reason behind the york dog, he was the brother to my friends dog. The guy that had the other dog said they didnt have time for him so they wanted to rehome him. So my friend asked about and we fell in love with his picture, plus he is very similar to my friends dog so we knew what we were getting temperament wise etc. But then they changed their mind which I can understand in once sense. We previously had a lab and that was the same style dog we were looking for again. We have tried going through a re-homing center but we were turned down because of our back garden, there is a small section where it hasn't got a proper fence, there is a small one there, the next door neighbour had an asbestos panel and when they took it down it leaves it slightly more open. We did explain that when we let the dog out we would be there and that they would be walked frequently but it wasn't acceptable basically. They said that most other places would say the same when doing a home visit as well which is why we were searching privately. Sorry for the long post I just wanted to explain things
  2. I haven't read all the posts but wanted to add my opinion. My son has autism and is classed as disabled. I find it disgusting he could even say that! I could not imagine my life without my son. He has made me a better person. I think if a parent is able to cope then there should be no reason not to have a child. every life is precious. i often hear the argument that its a drain on the nhs etc. so are the thousands of drug addicts alcoholics etc but no-one suggests we terminate them!
  3. Ah only on a sheff forum could I get that welcome
  4. Hiya I'm new too so wanted to come and say hello you aren't on your own Will hopefully see you around.
  5. Aww lovely to hear you managed to find your new family member. We are currently searching. We were supposed to be going to york tomorrow to meet our new addition but last minute tonight the family changed their minds I could have cried. Mark did your sister find anyone? Will see if I can PM you.
  6. So I finally made an account. I don't actually live in Sheff but not too far. So many times google has sent me to this fine forum and I though it was about time I made an account Hopefully I will be a regular here. Erm not sure what else to write, im 24 getting married in a few months 2 kids. So yeah thats me pleased to meet you
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