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  1. The last time I fished Clowne Pond was in the early 60's and it was about a bob a day. Curious to know how much old Sibring is chiselling folks for these days??
  2. I remember going to see the Halle Orchestra with loads of other school kids for a matinee performance. Must have been around 1960/61. That's the only time I've ever heard a full orchestra play live - you don't just hear it - you feel it too. I remember when I was at Huntsmans Gardens every year a music group would come and perform for us. Does anyone remember the blind guy who (I think?) played the flute? He had what looked like a pair of binoculars that he would use to peer at the audience occasionally. There was also the 'big' lady that sang 'Cherry Ripe' every year they came. Must have been around 1957/58.
  3. I used to know Dougie and didn't know he had died. He used to live close to the bombed out house that had the letters ARP on it and was across from the Liberal Club. It was next to the building site where the nursery used to be in the 50's. For a while there he dated Beryl Newall from Brightside - don't know what became of it though.
  4. I remember both the 'skates' and the central that came after. It was just before Zion Lane on the left and upstairs over a furniture store. I first saw Vance Arnold and the Mighty Avengers (Joe Cocker) there - must have been around 1962/63. When it was the 'skates' saturday afternoon used to be the highlight for me and my buddies. Does anyone remember the older (to us) couple that used to figure/skate dance together sometimes then? The floor used to clear for them and everyone watched. People had some respect back then!
  5. Mick Redfearn. I remember your dad used to hang out with my older brother Tony. I think he used to live in the same yard as the Browns who owned the little shop right in the middle of Beall St? Unfortunately Tony passed away from a heart problem in 2007. Jack is still going strong - he moved to Australia around 1960. Ask your dad what he knows about anyone else on the street at that time and pass it on here? I've lived in British Columbia Canada since 1974. Thanks for the response Rob.
  6. Brought up on Beall St. Been in British Columbia since 1974. Now live in NE BC. Temperature minus 33C this morning and minus 36C yesterday so Spring is coming!! Every few years we go back to Sheffield but BC is home now. Miss a plate of whelks in Castle Market though!
  7. The best oatcakes and pikelets were made in the shop on Worksop Road - next to the Brittania. Used to have to walk past it after getting off the bus from school when they were making them. Used to rip your guts out smelling them if you had no money - which was often!
  8. I went fishing at Saxilby once in the early 60's. Wasn't there a chicken or something packing plant there at that time? Was the river the Witham? Hubberts Bridge on the South Forty Foot was my favourite. I seem to remember a pub there that never asked anyone's age - maybe that's why it was my favourite!!
  9. Hi Derek/ The gym up Handsworth Hill was Rex Graves on the left hand side just after the roundabout. I went there for a short time around 1959 and watched the lightweight boxer Billy Calvert work out on one occasion. I believe that Rex Graves was a boxer in his day?? Anyone?
  10. Hartley Brook Sec Mod late 50's/early 60's - 'Pop' Allen.
  11. I used to go to Hewits barbers next to the Station Hotel and across from the Kings Head. The old man used to be parked in a chair every day and chat with the customers. His daughter used to cut hair. I well remember having to pretend you didn't notice when a customer asked for 'a packet off the top' - you weren't supposed to know what they were!
  12. There was a thread on here about Clowne Pond and Derek Sibring - a while ago though.
  13. Hi Gethro/ I remember Maurice Wilson and I think I can remember Margaret. Did she used to hang out with Marie Petty (who lived in Steven Haywards yard) and Linda Haslam who lived in the same yard as thr Lemanskis or with the girls off Bodmin St? That yard was right across the street from us. Mrs Lemanski was the daughter of (?) Brown who owned the little converted shop on the street and they had a son - Stefan. Are Sonny and Kath Wildgoose the parents of David Wildgoose? Dave and I were good buddies and I have been trying to find him for many years now. I heard that he and quite a few people from the area moved the new housing on Greenland Rd, but it's difficult to track people down from here in British Columbia. The Wildgooses used to live in the same yard as the Willets. I remember Mick - his dad used be a very good piano player. Hope this is not too many questions for you Gethro and thanks for the information you've already passed on.
  14. Hi Gethro/ Just read your post here. I remember Brian and Ray - my brother Tony Redfearn used to hang out with both of them. Ray's younger brother, was it Richard? used to be a buddy of mine I also have an eldest brother Jack they would remember. We used to live at number 35 from the early 50's until the mid 60's. What was your wife's maiden name? They must have lived up by what used to be Battistes shop at the Huntsmans Gardens end of the street - across from the Richardsons who lived on the corner. Different times back then..
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