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  1. Oh thats brilliant thanks so much,B.
  2. Does anyone happen to know of any pictures of Old street Sheffield Park around 1840's. Thanks.
  3. Yes I remember going with my mum and getting raffia and paints it was a lovely little shop.
  4. I seem to remember really nice artists materials/craft shop there ? I can't remember the name of it though.
  5. Yes, I had Mrs warburton for maths. I was at Newfield from 61 to 65. We were all frightened of her , a real old style teacher but she was an excellent teacher. I remember she was always advising us to learn to use comptometers as they were called then, how right she was, here we all are on our computers!
  6. From what everyone has said ,this is obviously the man I remembered. Thanks for all the replies,its nice that so many of us remember him with affection.
  7. Very sorry to hear that, I remember he was a character even back when we were so young.
  8. Yes ,how right you are. Perfectly innocent and well intentioned, nowadays would probably be reported and questioned! It really was another world ,I think our offspring would struggle to believe some of these nice things that went on. It's nice to remember it all though.
  9. Purple lips and all that sugar rush, its a wonder we have teeth left really!
  10. I can't remember the newsagent, but those sweets made me smile:)Dont forget those homemade ice lollies that Mrs Pearson used to make herself as well:)
  11. Well yes choogling you are right the chip shop was in the middle of the shops not the corner of Binfield. I've been away from Sheff too long although I do visit every now and then.! The corner shop when we moved was secondhand funiture I think, and Mrs Pearson's sweet shop was like a second home for us all!!
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