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  1. i feel like i should have told you little more about myself when i wrote this, but i got the answers and opinions i wanted anyway so thanks btw AlfieMcWawa and Cyclone i'm not a guy
  2. i'm quite good in swedish but strangely i have better grades in english just because i don't have any problem with speaking and understand english :s
  3. yes i'm going to do that, i'm just waiting on turning 18
  4. i have a british friend that recommend it because i asked him if he knew a city that was about the same size as gothenburg. so i have been trying to get to know so much about sheffield i can before i go there, and so far it seems like a good city. ofcourse that i have a back up plan, i have about 10 000£ for the first month and if i fail it's just to take a plane back to sweden. PaliRichard, Sam71, jake, Fivetide, Phanerothyme thanks that was just the kind of answers i needed why should i don't go to Leeds? :s
  5. no i graduating from sundstagymnasiet in sweden
  6. I haven't ruled out anything yet, just know that I want to live in a bigger town in england.
  7. Thanks for the tips, you have given me a lot to think about. so I guess I'll take a plane in October and go to Sheffiled and check around and maybe bring a CV
  8. I'm studying art and I'm interested in any job I´m able to get. I´m not that interested in football but in kickboxing or swimming.
  9. Hey I´m thinking of moving to Sheffield when I´ve graduate next year. I was wondering if it´s easy to get a job? and if it´s a good city if you are intrested in art, music and sport? Or if it better to move to London for example?
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