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  1. I remember my fathers’ smile, in the glow of a bedside light. He’d tuck the blankets beneath me chin, to settle me for the night. In the stories that he’d tell to me, they’re the magic now so it seems. They all began ‘once upon a time, in a land of fairy tale dreams’. (Hush a bye loo music comes in) There’d be a princess that no man could resist, she’d turn a frog into a prince with just a kiss. And a knight in shining armour with a magic sword, daddy would act it out word for word. And when it came to the part where the hero died, he’d cuddle me while I cried. And he’d whisper in me ear, ‘don’t you worry dear, heroes never die.’ (More Music) The greatest hero in my life, he never slayed a dragon or left any troll dead. He was just a plain and simple man, and each night tucked me in my bed. When I think of daddy and his love and his touch, and how we all laughed so much. And I don’t miss him, not a single bit. So why would I, Heroes never die.
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