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  1. There is a lot of misinformation and hysteria regarding fracking. We've been doing it for decades offshore, and the technology is well known and proven. It doesn't involve explosives, by the way, but pressurised fluids. I wouldn't worry about fracking ..... the heavy traffic involved, possibly along unsuitable small roads, is another matter.
  2. American signal crayfish, plenty of them in the Derwent I am afraid. Have been seeing signs of otter(s) so may have been chewed and left by one.
  3. River Don - free fishing and very good for both trout and grayling. Otherwise yes, probably Derbyshire is your best bet; Ladybower, big reservoir with rainbows and browns, Barlow, small fishery with both fly and coarse pools. Further afield, Carsington - brilliant fishing but boat only and hence expensive.
  4. They also attack crown fritillaries ... the larvae are disgusting creatures which disguise themselves as bird droppings by covering themselves with their own excrement. The adults drop to the ground if disturbed and are difficult to spot on the soil. Catch 'em and crush 'em.
  5. I'm a member. £25 a year is not a lot, less than the license fee; it includes Fish Legal and gives you annual civil liability insurance. The more people join, the more voice anglers (coarse, game and sea) have at a national level.
  6. If your blue box cover disintegrates, just contact Veolia (http://veolia.co.uk/sheffield/contact-us) and they will replace it. I did just that a few months back and it was pushed through the letterbox on the next bin collection .... credit where credit is due!
  7. Don't know about Sheffield, but according to Gwynedd Paltrow you can have it done in LA
  8. On Brooklands Avenue we have new columns ...... but old style sodium lamps on top. Apparently they don't have enough of the LED ones. I despair, I really do.
  9. Yes, the water quality is now very good ..... but the river bed, where the bottom of the food chain exists, still has its industrial legacy. I wouldn't want to eat anything from the river, even if it were acceptable to do so! The rivers are wonderful wildlife havens through the city, although still poorly treated by flytippers. If you are interested in Sheffield's rivers, see the SPRITE (Sheffield Partnership for Rivers In Town Environments) website: http://www.sheffieldsprite.com/.
  10. They are trout, which migrate (or try to migrate!) upstream to spawn. The rivers of Sheffield now contain both trout and grayling, neither of which will tolerate polluted water, in addition to a healthy head of coarse fish. If more of the man-made barriers to migration were removed from the Don, we probably would get salmon back.
  11. Not all conifers are evergreen ..... larch drop their needles for winter.
  12. 1 = Lewisia cotyledon 2= Jacob's Ladder (Polemonium caerulium) 3 = Purple Toadflax (Linaria purpurea)
  13. Yes, Abbey Glass on Chesterfield Road. They will cut you any size/shape as you wait, but 24" x 24" is a standard size; they had lots prepared and wrapped up last time I was up there. They are shut until after the new year (3rd January, I think).
  14. Put your bench feet on something solid .... paving slabs or even broken slabs. This will stop them sinking in, and contact with wet soil will rot even teak. You can leave the teak alone, or treat with teak oil before covering up for winter. Enjoy!
  15. It is a memorial to a lovely lady - Cherie - who died about 15 years ago. The family decorate it. And yes, I think it is nice too.
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