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  1. Hi just wondered if anyone can help looking for a free function room that doesn't want a maasive deposit as close to town as possible getting married on a budget. We having approx 60 guests and would like it to have a decent sized dancefloor been trying to look for working mens clubs but struggling to find any info online so if anyone can help thanks in advance. Kate
  2. Hi does anyone know of any halloween parties happening around sheffield on actual halloween if you do please post with place time and details of what's happening also if there's an entry fee fancy something different instead of just city centre and fancy getting dressed up thanks all x
  3. No haven't tried them will give them a call see what they say thanks
  4. Hi can anyone help looking to hire a room for an 18th party for free or cheap as possible has to be child friendly also want to do the buffet myself to save costs been trying to find one close to city centre but all ones found are wanting a deposit of between £70 - £100 I know you get this back but with all other costs buffet d.j etc its a lot to find on top if anyone can help would be grateful
  5. Hi anyone know of any pubs doing a eurovision party never been to 1 before but friends have told me about them so this year want to go to one that's if they still do them if you can let me know place and times and if there's a ticket price would be really gratefull thanks in advance
  6. Hi have a joblot of baby boys clothes and shoes 0-9 months there's around 40 pieces of clothing 10 pairs of socks some never worn and 10 pairs of shoes including a pair of nike and lonsdales wanting £30 for them collection from s8 or may be able to deliver pm me for details
  7. hi this is tony gregory tina's son and she definitely remembers you and sandra waggstaff she had two other kids with rob eals do you remember him
  8. Hi was wondering if anyone new of any good but cheap temporary dog kennels as going away in april and have no one i trust enough to take care of him he is one year old and very boisterous thanks.
  9. Thankyou so much for all your help really grateful
  10. Hiya no, no contact agreement was ever wrote down as it was a family member who has the guardianship there was no reason to have 1 I know was stupid but never suspected it would come to this
  11. Hiya can anyone help me my child is under a guardianship order and all was well until the guardian has stopped me from seeing my child for no good reason so want to go for at least visitation rights as no its gunna be a long hard fight to gain back full custody so need help on how to start the ball rolling and any good solicitors would be awesome aswell thanks p.s its not due to any abusive reasons why there is a guardianship order thanks
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