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  1. hi i have made an appointment on line and all it says is turn right herries road entrance its for podiatric any ideas before i phone thanks
  2. oh was it! that's good that no one was hurt
  3. my husband went to oldcoats carboot this morning and as he was leaving heard a load bang , some one said they thought the barbecue stall had blown up anyone know ?
  4. are you in any health care plan like westfield I had a nhs dentist for years but now I go private and havnt looked back . no waiting no kids no pensioners !! my west field covers all the costs and before I never used full limit
  5. does any one know if there is a tent pole repair service in Sheffield looks complicated to do it myself help going away in 3 weeks
  6. so looking at replies most are saying do not pay !! im scared but I will not pay and lets see what happens see if they take me to court , I will keep you all posted thanks every one
  7. has any one had a parking ticket when parking in Iceland / home bargains car park just off Penistone road , I parked last week just to the right went in was gone only 10 mins and came out to a ticket not sure why is it the gym parking area either way have I got to pay or does anyone think I should appeal I didn't see any signs but I thought that it was all shops car park I knew there was a gym but thought there car park was around the back , not sure as I need to pay or appeal or ignore . thanks:confused:
  8. well I shop at asda Chaucer road and I think all the staff are lovely and allways plenty on check outs
  9. any one interested in sharing costs for shore fishing around east coast and humber wall , I have transport but need help with fuel costs and bait so thought if anyone interested in going dutch let me know would like the company as well
  10. your dog sounds lovely but im afraid that this isn't the case for a lot of others who spoil it for other dog owners and can I say its the owners not the dogs , you have obviously trained yours but a lot cant be bothered
  11. I think that all dogs should be on a lead I have encountered this not with children but with my own dog , I have a jack russel that dosnt take kindly to other dogs sniffing her so when other dogs run up to her the dog owners say its ok he/shes friendly that might be ok for there dog but mine isn't so if my dog bit there dog , my dog would be in the wrong even though mine is on a lead , they can have a extention lead giving them a bit of freedom but keeping children ,adults and other dogs the satisfaction of going about there day without the worry of a dog charging up on them .
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