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  1. I would advise NEVER fill the forms in yourself, leave it to people that KNOW what the DWP want as answers.
  2. Great advice here, I would point out that the three weeks begins from the DATE ON THE LETTER, not when you receive it ( my letter took 10 days to reach me, so I had 10 days less to fill it in). Good luck
  3. This is in deed a sign of the times, but what happens to the old folks that have no idea about computers or on line banking ? and are used to buying/paying in cash. I'm lucky to an extent as i was/am a technophobe - love all this tech stuff and have a good knowledge of computers. at 66 I don't think there's many of us.
  4. Or better yet it could be a Bookies, i'm sure we need another one in Darnall
  5. sounds like you used to live here, and now ashamed of the fact. or is it a case of " pull the ladder up i'm OK jack
  6. It's very rare that I've been in there and haven't had to queue.
  7. TSB if it's the one opposite the pub - yes it's still there.
  8. Yorkshire Bank Darnall to CLOSE as of the 12th June. due to a decline in usage.
  9. True, False or old wife's tale - you tell me. " At a conference in the states for experts in vitamins, members were asked on the way in - " does taking extra vitamins HELP prolong your life" the results were inconclusive, with most saying they were unsure. On the way out they were asked "do you take extra vitamins" the result was 100% YES.
  10. See my post No4 I put that as a Question as I have been out on my mobility scooter today, and It didn't seem that bad. NOW!
  11. I'm expecting 3 parcels, have been for days, but I was thinking to myself yesterday - "No way would you get me delivering post in this weather", so I'm not surprised.
  12. Sheffield South East Delivery Office (S12 & S13) - Deliveries suspended. https://personal.help.royalmail.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12556/~/service-update That explains a lot, but is it really that bad?
  13. Thanks, I'll write it down (then prob. forgot where I put it)
  14. The tribunal should provide you with a written decision notice and this should also be sent to the DWP. The DWP must then change its decision and pay you the arrears for what they owe you. There is sometimes a short delay in this happening but it shouldn't be more than a week or so. I suggest you contact the PIP office on 0800 917 2222 and check they are processing the new decision. https://community.scope.org.uk/discussion/30422/tribunal-overturned-pip-decision-what-happens-next ---------- Post added 02-03-2018 at 19:47 ---------- OP. Was the advice above any good, or was it completely wrong, Only by feedback can we learn what the rules are. and help others
  15. That is sad. I don't know why an elevated leg helps with healing, but it does, I googled pics of a "necrotic leg ulcer" and they looked bad, but not half as bad as my mothers, how they saved her leg I'll never know, but I do know this pain relief was the catalyst of getting things going.
  16. Just bought it, it's got more whistle and bells than some DSLR's. It will take me some time to get really into it, but i'm doing ok so far.
  17. Thanks, It's nice to Finnish off a walk with a pint or a cup of tea.
  18. Off subject, but did the person get better regarding the ulcers? I ask because my mother suffered from the same, so much so they wanted to take her leg off. she was told to keep the leg elevated but it was so bad she couldn't move/lift it, However a care worker brought her some pain relieving patches (used in treating cancer she said) and she was then able to keep her leg elevated and recovered in a few months.
  19. Fuji S1 if a bridge camera is any good to you, Great optics great zoom, and to my mind cheap at around £260.00. A second hand one is a lot cheaper. ---------- Post added 24-02-2018 at 19:13 ---------- I know it's not compact, but for what you get the extra size makes it worth while.
  20. Google isn't much help with this question, What days/times does the cafe open in the park please.
  21. SEO ? SRA ? to make this readable to non tech's these need explaining. To design someones web site gives that person an open book to insert a back door or malware etc. it's a bit like sending begging letters or spam, only instead of gaining pounds you have the chance of hundreds of thousands in one hit. There must be some sort of regulatory body that controls this type of thing but it eludes me, never heard of this before which makes me think is there something wrong with your web site, ie is it set up correctly.
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