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  1. The tobacconists closes at 16:00 not 14:00, it used to close Thursday's and Sunday's, but according to google it is open Thursdays. it is surprising that it has survived the markets closure but on asking recently they are doing ok.
  2. Its not just kids on bikes that recklessly cross roads without looking. The number of adults that just walk across a road or junction without looking beggars belief.
  3. I truly understand you worry and concern, why not call 101 and let hopefully the bobbies will swing by and have a word? As you witnessed it it would be more proactive than posting on here.
  4. I can remember playing on the railway lines when I was an early teen and exploring car scrap yards after hours and playing chicken on the Parkway. Boys will be boys, that was 38 years ago. The Darwin thing was a joke, so you are suggesting they deserve to die or be maimed? Not everything was different 20 years ago, some things remain the same. The younger generations have less sense or recognition of risk and hazards. I crossed Eccleshall Road today without using a pelican crossing, no different to doing the same reckless thing twenty years ago. I should know better I'm 51.
  5. Nominees for a Darwin award seem to be getting younger.
  6. There are plenty of articles if you look promoting the benefits of vaping as there are articles and studies against. http://www.ecigarette-politics.com/ The tobacco industry is extremely powerful, any pro or anti vape propaganda could be either from the this industry or indeed the pro-vape lobby. The OP was commending an anti-smoking strategy by SCC yet the thread turns into a debate where people are ridiculed for doing what they choose to do and enjoy themselves and for some use vaping as a gateway to give up smoking. For many this is a hobby which involves technology and physics. In any sport pastime or technology there will always be those that strive to be elitist or must have the 'latest', mobile phones are a prime example. Now that the EU have got involved by bringing in TPD, some regulations will shortly be applied, (20mg max strength,10ml bottles, 2ml atomisers, product testing etc) so those that don't vape can stop worrying about those that do are inhaling. Legislation is often counterproductive and lead to an escalation in counterfeit and illicit goods entering the market, take cannabis is an example. Whether something is good or bad for you the choice is yours, personally I am sick of being told constantly what I should or should not be doing, we live in a nanny state where we all suffer just because some individuals are not able to make an educated and informed decision for themselves. More people are run over and injured by cars than exploding e cigarettes or suffer the consequences of a defective mobile phone charger. Try putting this search term into google: mobile phone charger fires in uk Talk about banning something just because you don't like it yourself, really has it ever stopped anything? That's a slippery slope.
  7. Because I don't see them very often when I am on West Street or in town, where do you see them every day?
  8. There would need to be police to nick him, when was the last time anyone saw a beat bobby?
  9. I think the best thing I have seen in the Star recently was fish and chips.
  10. Yep, he got me too with the same story about six months ago, he's a regular around West street I also have seen him walking around the Tesco on West Street with a basket and loads of other times walking in the area. I was sat in the foyer area of the Swim Inn when he approached me with his story. I have seen him since there are similar folks in the area that live in local housing association flats on Bath Street and other dwellings nearby. He is a big guy and can come across as threatening just by his size . I think some of the street drinkers or people that beg claiming to be homeless have alcohol issues but do have supported accommodation, whilst there are plenty of others that are genuinely homeless. I have lived in Sheffield all my life (50 years old), you cannot go to town now without seeing people sat in sleeping bags begging. It has never been so bad is it going to get worse or better? I am not optimistic, we are supposed to be the 5th richest economy in the world yet so much poverty and deprivation exists.
  11. It sound like rats to me, they are sometimes too clever to get caught in a rat trap and may smell you if you have used bare hands to handle the trap therefore making them wary. We had mice under our shed, then rats came and took over. A neighbour was putting out all sorts on the back lawn to feed the pigeons, which will attract rats. They are very good at chewing through various materials too. The food source doesn't have to be in your shed for them to live there or chew through the floor, which helps keep their teeth down. Councils usually deal with rats for free give them a call. If it is rats you will normally see them, they were feeding off our bird (squirrel proof). We watched them hang upside down and shimmy along the washing line, then they squeezed through the small holes to eat the fat balls.
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