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  1. Fab, thank you choogling, I’ve sent her a friend request.
  2. Hi Janet, yes I'm keeping going with it, doing some writing most days when I get time and I'm determined to finish it. If I give up now, I will always regret it. I'm over half way through it now, so a lot to lose. I can't recall who wrote both of those books you mentioned but I've got copies of both and, like you, I enjoyed them immensely. I think it was the most fabulous time and we were very lucky to have been born when we did, we knew harship but we were always happy and able to play out in the streets without our parents worrying. I'm not in contact now with Shirley for personal reasons but we did stay in touch for quite a lot of years after we both married, going out regularly with our husbands and enjoying spending time together. Janet, I wondered if you could remember if we went swimming with the class when we were at Newfield? I know I did with one school but can't recall whether it was my junior school or the latter. I also tried to find you on Facebook without luck.
  3. Wow, I can't remember that Roger, it would have been an all-nighter at the Esquire Club as that was where I hung out in those days, there or the Mojo. Yes we both had black hair and the fashionable long leather coats. Ah, the memories!
  4. Hi Roger, thanks for replying. Yes you're right, I'm the Linda C you remember, the best friend of Shirley. I don't know Carol or the younger girls you mentioned, but I remember you and Roger B.
  5. Hi Billam, I'm certain I know you, does your Christian name begin with R? I remember Roger Buckley, I think he once had a crush on me way back in the 60's. I knew Paul Foxton well, I was best friends with his sister Shirley.
  6. Bless you Janet, yes I remember many of the teachers and I was scared of Mrs Fletcher too (or piggy on stilts, as we called her when she was out of earshot, haha). I've done quite a bit of writing in the past, Mrs Hughes's English lessons standing me in good stead, I really liked her, and I've been wanting to crack on with my story for over 20 years but never thought I could actually do it. I started jotting down memories in a notebook as they came to me then decided to take the bull by the horns and make a start last October. It's surprising how the memories come flooding back. Whether or not I can actually get it published as a memoir is a different matter, but at least my son will have something to look back on, a record of what his Mum's life was like growing up. I'd say do it, Janet, give it a go, it might be something you regret later on if you don't. xx
  7. Hi Janet, yes I remember you, your surname began with D. I also remember Susan, Jean and Anne too. I'm sorry to hear about Rita. Glad to hear you're fine and having fun over in Oz, I had my 70th last December. Jumping out of a plane eh! Wow, steady on girl! I had a trip to Florida for my 70th, courtesy of my partner. No, I don't recall having single or class photos taken at Newfield either, I was beginning to think it must have slipped my memory which is usually pretty good, so if you also can't remember them I will asume they never happened. My book is coming along nicely and I'm determined to finish it before my next birthday. Best wishes to you Janet xx
  8. I’m still here and have just re-read the whole thread, recognising a lot of the pupils and teachers names. Wow, what memories it evoked! I went to the girls school 1961 to 1965 and would love to hear from anyone with more memories from this era as I am currently writing my autobiography about my life in the 1950’s - 60’s. Has anyone got any group class photos as I don’t have any. My name then was Linda C and my best friend was Shirley F. Regards Coyote5
  9. I was at Newfield Girls School from September 1961-April 1965, leaving at Easter which if my memory serves me correctly was the last year pupils were allowed to leave at Easter. I remember all of the teachers mentioned from that era and also Mrs Leroy (she was actually French)- French, Miss Johnson - Art, Mrs Simpkin - Cookery, Mrs Gordon - Music. The annual productions by the respective 4th year students were usually Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, my year staging HMS Pinafore in which I played one of the sailors. I would love to hear from anyone at the girls' school during that era. Where have the last 47 years gone? regards Coyote
  10. Thank you for your reply Pitsmoorboy, I will let you know if I find anything but I have been looking on and off for about 2 years and cannot find any info at all. I know the whole street was pulled down a number of years ago but I don't know where any of those residents were rehoused. ---------- Post added 26-12-2012 at 19:42 ---------- Thank you so much for your message Shaun, I am unable to reply until I have made 5 posts but as soon as I can, I will regards, Coyote
  11. Hi everyone, I have been meaning to join for quite a while and at long last I've managed to get around to it. There are some fantastic memories on here and I hope to be contributing to some in the near future - this is a great forum xx
  12. Hi all, I am trying to find Philip Biggin who I recall lived at number 70 Nottingham Street, can anyone help? I have seen his name mentioned earlier in this thread but no more reference to him. I knew him in the 1960's when he lived at that address, he was a butcher by trade and the last I knew he worked at a butcher's shop down The Moor around 1970-ish. His father passed away around 1965/66. Any help or info would be very much appreciated, thanks xx
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