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  1. Check out this mix from last month for a taster of this weekend's vibe
  2. I'm also playing this one. Lots of tasty breakbeats, none of them new as they stopped making good breaks ages ago... Here's an old Urban Gorilla mix from 2003 to get you in the mood
  3. All over this one. Really into Addison Groove's production.
  4. Yes to this. Big time. Add in a breaks set from me circa 2002-2007 UG stylee just before the Stantons, just like it used to be in Zero, and you've got yourself an unmissable night
  5. Lottie never fails to smash it. Not seen Smokin Jo for years, last time was at Ministry back in 1996 or so..... I feel old.
  6. This is going to be massive! Mixes of mine to get you in the mood... House/Dubstep/Breaks Recorded Live @ Plug (house music all the way) House/Garage flavours
  7. This will be excellent Here's a new mix of mine - get listening...
  8. Listen to my warm-up set from this night here, recorded live on the night...
  9. Looking forward to this one. Last time was immense.
  10. I am. Brought tickets after his support slot for Ricky Gervais. Very much looking forward to it.
  11. Yes to the Stantons being back and again.... and double yes to having Shy Child playing live also. Noise Won't Stop was a GREAT album (and single).
  12. Craig Campbell. Very good indeed, would like to see him back in Sheffield for sure.
  13. Faithless in the house... I can't get no sleep!!
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