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  1. Thanks Paul, but I think the problem is with me rather than the pub. I've just had a response from Sky: 'Thank you for contacting The Cloud. The landing page issue that you're experiencing typically comes up when your device isn't accepting cookies. Please ensure that the web browser on your device is accepting cookies (‘AcceptCookies’ setting should be set to ‘Always’), then clear your entire browsing history (cache, cookies, form data, etcetera) and try logging in again. Kind regards, The Cloud Support Team' This sounds plausable and I will try it this weekend and report back. ---------- Post added 13-08-2013 at 10:08 ---------- Eureka Allowing cookies solves the problem and I can now get onto super fast 65 meg 'The Cloud'.
  2. Update I have tried 3 different venues that offer free WiFi via The Cloud but same problem. Have just sent an email (using the public library) to Sky off their 'The Cloud' webite FAQ Support raising the query. Failing that there is an 0845 number on their website if I get no response from the email.
  3. Thanks for responding steroc. I'm not a Sky customer, just trying to blag some free WiFi in my local. After I click 'continue' and it accepts my email/password (by the way, if I put the wrong password in it comes up with an error message, so it is clearly recognising my Account) it takes me back to the ('Get online') landing page and no sign of Hello [me] ie back to the start of the loop. Also, the bookmarks all take me to the landing page. Tech is fantastic when it works in a predictable manner but don't you just despair when it doesn't?
  4. I have a Samsung Galaxy Fit smart phone running on Android (Gingerbread) version. My local pub must subscribe to Sky and it's free WiFi is The Cloud. I have recently successfully registered but don't seem to be able to get to my google home page to start surfing. When I am in range of the signal it connects to the internet and from my browser I get The Cloud landing page. Click 'Get online' and then click 'free WiFi' then 'Account Sign In'. It accepts my email address and password but when I click the big 'Continue' button it just takes me straight back to the landing page. I try again and just finish up in a loop. Anyone had a similar problem or am I doing something wrong?
  5. Back in 1973, when I was sweet 16, I had my collar felt by a bobby in a suit for drinking a pint of Sheffield Best Bitter in the Domino pub (now demolished) off Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield city centre. I was subsequently fined £3 at Sheffield Magistrates Court, having plead guilty. This is my only criminal conviction and I had forgotten all about it until this weekend. In today's money, bearing in mind that I remember some time after I could buy 3 pints and have change out of 50p, in beer terms £3 would be worth about £50. I have recently taken out home insurance with a new insurer and when asked if I have EVER had any criminal convictions I said no, thinking this sounded like seroius stuff and did'nt apply to me. Having now remembered this event 40 years ago I should have said yes and got it out of the way. Is this so immaterial that I would be wasting their time to declare it now or would they deny me a claim if they found out about it? Is it 'spent' under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act? Has anyone had any experience of a claim being denied for non-disclosure of a minor criminal act?
  6. Thanks for that - it explains why they get spooked and back away from anything slightly complicated, although they are working from a pre-written script. There must be thousands upon thousands of properties in the Sheffield area alone that have had coal mining subsidence claims in the past and my suspicion is that these have been ignored/overlooked/forgotten/assumed n/a by owners buying house and contents insurance. Given that an insurance contract is one of 'utmost good faith' and non-disclosure of relevant facts can invalidate a policy is there a time-bomb here? It is so easy, especially when using online comparison websites, to buy insurance and skip/not tick relevant boxes. I may be cynical but perhaps the insurance companies love this as thay take your premiums year after year and have the option to dip out on a claim at the end. Win win. Or perhaps they are really relaxed about it and just pay up on a claim. Is there anybody out there who has had real-life experience of this situation?
  7. Back in the 90s building surveyors were cold calling in my village to offer their services in making claims on The Coal Authority for alleged subsidence damage to homes. I, like many on my street, were successful in making a claim for several thousand pounds worth of work paid for by the The Coal Authority. The work was done and this must have been the same for many homes in my village and even more in any town/village in the Sheffield area that had a coal mine eg Treeton, Dinnington, Beighton etc etc. Very many! Fast forward to the present day and faced with ever increasing house and contents insurance (£500 on a 3 bed semi) I tried to get a quote from an alternative insurer. When asked the question 'Have you EVER had subsidence on the house' obviously the answer is yes at which point they decline to quote so I am stuck with high and increasing premiums. The subsidence damage in 1995 was remedied and any further damage would be covered by The Coal Authority ie the government (I have a letter) so the insurance company have no risk whatsoever. So why they get spooked by this, even for contents insurance, is a mystery. Is there anyone out there in the Sheffield community that has any experience of this and managed to find an acceptable explanation or even solution to the stigma of past coal mining subsidence?
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