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  1. Why don't these people in the afterlife make it simple and actually make proper contact instead of moving random cups, turning lights on or forcing people to open specific cards against their will?
  2. I've got plenty of accounts on here. Not for trolling though.
  3. Forced how? But no, I will still watch. I love the World Cup, and my watching or not watching won't have any impact on anything other than to ruin my own entertainment.
  4. The person posting through the letterbox clearly knows where you live. The Twitter person plausibly not unless you know them personally. That's not me saying then Twitter one shouldn't be taken seriously, but there is a clear difference.
  5. Aye, I'll still be popping down to see for myself. If I can't grab myself a bargain in a civilised manner, I will be leaving empty handed.
  6. Indeed. If I go down I will be simply going for bargains, I won't be causing a nuisance like those mentioned in the opening post. And going down there won't make me like them.
  7. Thanks. I know I can be a bit of an arse at times, but I don't think this thread is really one of those times.
  8. I 100% agree with you. There will be varying levels of mental illness, but either way they shouldn't be released into society.
  9. You can never judge fairly, you can only go on what you think. If you told me now that you were going to rape me, I wouldn't believe it, but there's every chance that I could be wrong. All you can do is go on your gut feeling, but if in doubt contact the police.
  10. Some would say that anyone who commits the murder of innocent people is mentally ill, as it's not a sane thing to do.
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