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  1. I have just had a baby and felt exactly the same as you when I started buggy-hunting. There is so much choice and all you know is that you want something that will do everything. In the end we still didn't know what we wanted as we didn't know what we would need, never having been parents before. Someone lent us their 3rd hand travel system (an old mamas&papas one) and it has done us fine. It has given us the time to work out what will suit us best. She is now a couple of month old and think this will last us a few more months until we buy a more light-weight stroller that we can pop up and put down easily. As a side note, we almost bought a bugaboo. I loved the chameleon and my husband loved the bee. In the end we decided against it for 2 reasons... 1)They are insanely expensive - a lot of money to spend when you don't know what you'll need 2) They have quite a few known faults - some seem to be fine but you never know whether yours will be one that has it all go wrong. Good luck!
  2. Hi, I bought a house a couple of years ago with a wooden front door on the porch. It has never fitted properly letting in the cold, damp and bugs. Now it is winter time again and the bloomin thing is a nightmare to close. Having sanded it and re-sealed it once already we have decided enough is enough. Want to start looking for a nice looking UPVC front door but obviously don't want to pay the earth for it. Before I trall around getting quotes from the usual suspects I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations - who to approach, who to avoid? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, As Oliver said, Lego is now back home and is happy to be with his brother. He seems well and unaware of all the drama that has taken place today. Thank you all, and special thanks to Oliver and his family. You guys are legends! Hannah
  4. Hi all, Thank you so much for your help today. You will be please to know that Andy and Lego have been re-united and are currently spooning on the kitchen floor. Thank you especially to Oliver and Danny - our dog babysitters. You are AMAZING! Hannah
  5. Thanks Malvoleo, will post a couple of dummy posts here now.
  6. Oliver - I think this is my dog!! He is young, just over a year old and goes by the name Lego. He ran off with his brother at lunchtime today. His brother Andy has just been returned to us as was found not too far from there. Please message me and I'll give you a call. Thanks Hannah
  7. Thanks Helen. I have just spoken to him. Sounds like he has had quite an adventure. Think Danny and his steak pie have given him a taste for the finer things so not sure if he will want to come home now! That is one found which is wonderful, but that does mean the dogs have split up which is really worrying. Praying!
  8. Hi, I have lost my 2 black scottish terriers in S10 and thought I would post on here on the off-chance that someone reading this may have them? They went missing around the Lodge Moore area today at mid-day and despite driving around relentlessly, have not been able to find them. Unfortunately as they had both just been bathed the night before, they were not wearing their collars. They are very friendly and are aged 1 and 2. I think the RSPCA may have been alerted to at least one of these but are now closed until the morning. So if you are reading this and think you may have at least one of my dogs, please get in touch! Thanks, Hannah
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