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  1. FCTLALC522

    Help needed to remember greaves st

    Hello Ann, It was nice to hear from you. I no longer live in the UK as we moved to Tenerife 14 years ago, we live in Los Cristianos, a lovely little town on the south coast. Needless to say, we love it here. Best wishes Fred
  2. FCTLALC522

    Help needed to remember greaves st

    Hello, My name is Fred Taylor and I went to school with Tony Towns and some others mentioned in this post. I remember feeling a bit jealous when Tony and his family emigrated to Australia. If Tony reads this I would like to say sorry for punching him on the nose on Greaves street on our way down from school. Sorry Tony.
  3. FCTLALC522

    Anybody from Hackenthorpe?

    I used to manage the Sportsman Pub in Hackenthorpe
  4. FCTLALC522

    St Barts youth club Walkley

    Hello , my name is Fred Taylor and I went to St Barts at the same time as you and I Knew all those people you mentioned. I used to pal around with Mick and Alan Patterson, also with Pete Goss and Gary Tyas. They were happy days that I cherish. The Sunday outings to Derbyshire were great and I remember when we went on holiday to Thropton in Northumberland, what a great time we had. I get very nostalgic about it all. If anyone else from those day reads this good luck to you. Fred Taylor, now living in Tenerife. PS I forgot to mention that I had my75th birth party this year at the Jubilee club on Clay wheels lane this year and invited all my old friends from Bart's and we had a great night remembering Those brilliant days, Good Luck and Best wishes to you all.
  5. FCTLALC522

    Which youth club did you go to?

    Did nobody on here go to St Barts youth club ? :
  6. FCTLALC522

    Anyone from Walkley?

    Hi Tiny Tingle, I don't think that I can place you but I do remember sledging down Normandale Road, and it's a good job that somebody used to spread the ashes across the bottom or we would have gone straight across Langsett Rd and down the tip, Now that would have been a ride.
  7. FCTLALC522

    Anyone from Walkley?

    Just below the junction with Greaves St and Freedom St. Went to Walkley School until 1965. Also went to St Barts youth club at the bottom of Primrose Hill. Run by Dan Weir, a good man.
  8. FCTLALC522

    Which youth club did you go to?

    St Barts, Primrose Hill off Langsett Road. Great Times with all my mates there. Whose that man with the big bad head, who Ha who Ha Ha Dan's got a head like a ping pong ball, pinnnnng ponnnng Fred Taylor
  9. FCTLALC522

    Anyone from Walkley?

    Hi I lived on grammar Street about 1950 to 1972 when I married and left home to live on Thorsby Rd, down Hillsborough. Now I live in Los Cristianos in Tenerife. Having a great life.
  10. FCTLALC522

    What Primary School Did you go to?

    Walkley County
  11. FCTLALC522

    Which youth club did you go to?

    I went to St Barts for a number of years. My name is Fred Taylor
  12. FCTLALC522

    Pubs on langsett road

    Thanks Hillsbro, I married one of the landlord's daughter's from the Lyceum. In 1962 and we now live in Tenerife.
  13. How many pubs on Langsett road
  14. Anyone remember Keith Howe who lived opposite Collins rag and bone yard on Langsett Road
  15. FCTLALC522

    Keith Howe from Langsett Road.

    Does anyone know Keith How who lived on Langsett Road opposite The Masons Arms pub. Fred Taylor

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