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  1. his bible educates him mate. the green un
  2. united and wendy have met 110 times in the league. united have won 41 wendy have won 35. united have done the double 10 times wendy 5 times. United have led the series of league encounters since 1951.
  3. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give it a rest mate. its saturday night. i'm indoors no football to watch. mrs is watching some crap on tele. and you are boring for ireland. you are forcing me to take up self harming. stop it.
  4. because when i quote you. he can see your post in my reply. do keep up.
  5. to be honest mate i took a bit of a guess what he was prattling on about. and an educated guess limited it to united tkts.
  6. i would rather keep him and watch him play for united. but no one should make a player stay if he wants to be else where. you are willing to play an unhappy toogay next season instead of letting him better himself at burnley. money is not an issue i dont mind putting my hard earnt into the club i love. you seem to have a problem with it and just rattle on and on about tkt prices if it bothers you dont go to the sty and play golf instead.
  7. ah thats how they spelt it at your skool is it. all blades arnt we.
  8. yep both. very good pals with p. and outsung m on the karoke in magaluf last year. should stick to boxing lol.
  9. any match day pal. pete is one of my best pals uncle.
  10. you have to have best players to sell them corky
  11. imitation is the biggest form of flattery
  12. cant fault yer for that micky luv. right here we go again. please please please. will any of you loyal pigs please just once go to a match. corker seems a good sort. just dont stop off at the bookies all blades arnt we
  13. i cant claim i started it maybe on here yes but not overall. i often hear blade fans shout it out in pubs and at work. but never heard a wendy say it. just add it to the list of things they copy.
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