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  1. Treeman893

    Leeds v Blades

    Great result for you Blades, win, win for Sheffield, Blades go up automatic and Owls beat Leeds in play off final.😊
  2. Treeman893

    Leeds v Blades

    Seems strange cheering on the Blades but I hope you guys hold on.
  3. Treeman893

    The New Wednesday?

    Good OP, forget the Blades and the Derby. Wednesday look a different team now that can hopefully progress, maybe not this season with the fixtures they have, but Owls should now be looking forward to next season just on the basis of how we are playing. If we hadn't spent 25 games passing it across the back four we could possible have been in the playoffs. Makes a mockery of the talk previously of us being a team in need of a clearout. A few astute signings and the Owls should be challenging next season.
  4. Treeman893

    A new small political party

    Corbin came close to winning the 2017 election for the exact reason I stated, lesser of two evils.
  5. Treeman893

    A new small political party

    I think this is a turning point in British politics. So many people don't want Corbin because of his left wing views and don't want the Tories because they rip the poor/disabled. You end up voting, (or not bothering voting), for the the party you least like. Hope it works, and if they adopt the middle ground it should, but would I put money on it working🤔
  6. Treeman893

    Christmas wreaths

    Yep Morrisons have the wreaths in stock, bought three the other day and they are decent quality
  7. Treeman893

    Dam Flask - low water levels

    Hi hilldweller, thanks for the link. I would estimate from the pictures that the flow is about 4 inches deep by approx 3 feet wide. This was May 2017 after a dry spell. I was advised then, (by an unqualified source) that this flow was just seepage into the tunnel from the moors. Thanks for the information. I am still in contact with my source at Severn Trent so will update as and when I get more information.
  8. Treeman893

    Dam Flask - low water levels

    Hi Hilldweller, I have been researching the building of the Rivelin Tunnel and as part of that process I have been in contact with engineers at Severn Trent, both at their headquarters and locally. The infrastructure does exist to send water through the Riverlin Tunnel but the valve at the Ladybower end is closed has been for many years. My contact is trying to find out when it was closed, and if I hear more I will post it.
  9. Treeman893

    Trying to get my music heard

    Hi Ava, agree with Mancmart, more of a production issue than a content issue. Good songs and singing. You could download Cakewalk by Bandlab, its free and has Plugins, virtual instruments. You would need an audio interface and a midi keyboard. Private Message me if you want any help. Mick
  10. Treeman893

    Dam Flask - low water levels

    From information I have recently acquired there is no water supply to Sheffield via the Rivelin Tunnel. Although infrastructure exists this route would require water to pumped to a level approximately 70 feet above the normal levels to send it through the Rivelin Tunnel. I have spoken recently to an engineer at Severn Trent who advised me that the valve at the Ladybower end of the Rivelin tunnel is closed and has been for a while. I have photos of water exiting the tunnel but this is just water from the moors leaking into it.
  11. Treeman893

    Sore heels after walking

    From what my lad tells me it depends where the inflammation is in the Plantar(the membrane that runs under all of your foot). The inserts I had supported around the edge of the heel so took the pressure off the centre of the heel where my inflammation was.
  12. Treeman893

    Sore heels after walking

    I had Plantar Fasiitis for 10 months. Firstly because I ignored my Physio sons advise to rest it. Secondly I tried all the cheap inserts, gel inserts. Ordered some of the proper PF inserts off Amazon, bit expensive but they worked 100%
  13. Treeman893

    Dr Who filmed in Sheffield

    There was shot of Wharncliffe Edge but it wasn,t overlooking Deepcar. Wharncliffe Edge faces West and it would have been the Pennines in the background, instead it is flat. Something "digitally enhanced" maybe.
  14. Treeman893

    Learning to play the piano

    62 and did not know anything about music. I set off with a song book with songs like Sailing by Rod Stewart and just learned to play the melody. Gets you off to a flyer and you quickly learn the notes. You would be playing the melody in a few hours. I play mainly guitar but still use the keyboard for song writing. After six years I can play melody with my right hand and chords/arpeggios with my left hand.... unfortunately not at the same time. This is all self taught Blackydog and I will get beat up by "proper" keyboard players. So much on the internet that will get you going. Have fun that's the main thing, I have.
  15. Treeman893

    Learning to play the piano

    Hi Blackydog, plenty cheap but good Casio and Yamaha keyboards about. I was similar to you but 62 and now have two keyboards and 8 guitars. I started on a Casio CTK 691 and still use it. Plenty of free instruction on the internet for beginners, as the saying goes "just do it", good fun if you want it to be. Just don't take it too seriously.

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