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  1. Chris Wilder hasn't suddenly become a bad manager. His inexperience of buying top players and tactics in the PL have been brutally exposed. Don't sack him just let him attempt to get you guys back to the Premiership and then support him with a DoF. If at that point CW decides to walk then that is his choice.
  2. A pair of Red Kites settled in the Derwent Valley a couple of years ago and were often seen at the top end of the Rivelin Valley. I have seen them at Rivelin Dams but never in Sheffield.
  3. What Staninoodle said, Great to put Sheffield on the Europe map, obviously prefer it to be the Owls but if it can't be then best of luck to the Blades. Whatever happens it won't stop my Blades mates rubbing the salt in at the Owls woes.
  4. Great win for the Blades. Incredible that at this stage of the season Blades start today four points off relegation and end up two points off a Europe place. Think it's going to be tight till the end of the season.
  5. Very well done you Blades, putting Sheffield back on the footballing map.
  6. Nothing to say other than Massive well done to the Blades, even if it's sticking in any of the other Qwls throats it is still undeniably true. Hope we join you next year and have two teams from our city in the Premiership. Enjoy it guys, great for the city.
  7. Great result for you Blades, win, win for Sheffield, Blades go up automatic and Owls beat Leeds in play off final.😊
  8. Seems strange cheering on the Blades but I hope you guys hold on.
  9. Good OP, forget the Blades and the Derby. Wednesday look a different team now that can hopefully progress, maybe not this season with the fixtures they have, but Owls should now be looking forward to next season just on the basis of how we are playing. If we hadn't spent 25 games passing it across the back four we could possible have been in the playoffs. Makes a mockery of the talk previously of us being a team in need of a clearout. A few astute signings and the Owls should be challenging next season.
  10. Corbin came close to winning the 2017 election for the exact reason I stated, lesser of two evils.
  11. I think this is a turning point in British politics. So many people don't want Corbin because of his left wing views and don't want the Tories because they rip the poor/disabled. You end up voting, (or not bothering voting), for the the party you least like. Hope it works, and if they adopt the middle ground it should, but would I put money on it working🤔
  12. Yep Morrisons have the wreaths in stock, bought three the other day and they are decent quality
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