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  1. I can see old threads with dead links but where should you complain to get the best results. This morning, 4/1/2016 my husband set off about 6.30 to catch a bus to town. (Abbey Lane 75/76 85/86) he came back at 8.00 after giving up, at least three buses should have come in that time. The queue at the bus stop was apparently 12 deep, so you can guess when single decker did come it would have been over full and turning passengers away. Now he is working from home with me:rant: when I would have preferred him out the house. So I want someone to sort this out, he is starting to do this far too often, and I know its not because he wants an excuse to spend more time with me
  2. Bought one for my son, because he moved to a dodgy flat and thought his decent hybrid would be too nick able. sure enough after six months of use, someone ragged the bike from where it was locked. Was not too upset because it was only a cheap Apollo. So I would not dismiss Apollo out of hand, you get what you pay for and there is a goodness rating in pounds whatever you buy. You just have to consider what you want from a bike and how much use you expect from it. Coupled with can you maintain a bike.
  3. Anyone know how you ask for grit bins to be refilled, previously posted (an used) contact form is no longer a feature. Tried using one of the other forms on their website - dont think they should have passed beta testing yet.
  4. Anyone know how you ask for grit bins to be refilled, previously posted (an used) contact form is no longer a feature.
  5. I imagine it would be a great place to live if you dont like cooking. You could have a different eatery every day of the month. Buses on your doorstep and a short walk to town. Its always a lottery when you move what the neighbours will be like. Parking would be a challenge but would you need a car?
  6. Oxfam at broomhill takes working things like tvs and vcrs not sure about laptops. If you have a nectar card you can giftaid and earn nectar points if you "tag your bag". I sold an old laptop to the pc shop on Abbey Lane but others probably might, depends on the age. I think they gave me £20 so nothing fantastic, but it felt better than the tip. Asdatech trades in a lot of stuff online, got rid of a drawer of old mobiles and satnavs that way. Bardwells sells all sorts of strange components dont know if they buy. (On Abbeydale Road) but some of the independent pc shops might take them off your hands because they like to refurbish stuff and sell on.
  7. I had heard they were reconsidering on Radio Sheffield. I purchased a green bin last year. Previously we had been in the sack collection area, which was passable when you collected sacks from the library, albeit annoying that we were not in the green bin "pilot" area. Was delighted when we could get a green bin. Create far too much green waste for composting, going to the tip is not a fun task when you only have the weekend and obviously everyone cuts their hedges on the same only dry weekend. Had to "man up" and take the hit for the bin. My gripe is, they have done consultations, they have come up with solutions and then scrapped them. Come up with alternatives, scrapped these. Can they just not come up with something and stick with it.
  8. there is no way I am sympathising but having tried to get to Norfolk park which is one way with the tram works and then road closures on my alternative routes I can see why you could get angry its as if some one has finally found the road repair budget and has to spend it quick. I ended up abandoning my car and walking down arborthorne but really how do the locals manage they must find it difficult.
  9. millennium galleries, western park museum and graves art gallery botanical gardens The gym equipment in millhouses park
  10. Yes to the above but also Your lap can't be that interesting, we all know you are texting
  11. I've recently seen a mobile speed camera van parked on chesterfield road - camera through the rear window. Was too obvious to catch most though!
  12. I think the one in crystal is less picked over but there is a new store in chesterfield which is nearer to me than parkgate
  13. Here gives all the roads with problems http://www.bbc.co.uk/travelnews/sheffield
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