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  1. My name is Brian Hall do not know if i am the right one you are enquiring about.
  2. The decades were the 40s,50s,60s, until the houses were demolished.
  3. Did my training a treeton colliery !957 after completing training I work in the blacksmiths for a while.
  4. Hi LyndseyS I cannot ever remember meeting her sister Edna my relationship with Eileen was very brief I was 14 or 15 at the time such a long time ago . I remember where they lived on Carlisle St that's about it.
  5. Hi Dennis, Happy to here from you, Yes I have had a good life join the Army at 18 and did 22 years. We are about the same age I am 74 next March I married at 22 and had 5 children we have just celebrated our 50th anniversary. I remember most of the people you mention especially Eileen Alsop who was one of my first girl friends. Are you Still living in Sheffield we live in Tadcaster just outside York. They were good times all them years ago. Take care mate keep in touch.
  6. Hi Dennis, If you are the Dennis Irons I am thinking about did you live on Carlisle Street Just off Spital Hill. This is Brian Hall we used to pal about together I spent many hours at your house.
  7. Does anyone remember the Wigfield family moved up to foxhill in the fifties father worked at British atchersons on Clay Wheels Lane.
  8. Hi Neilf, I remember the houses with the bay windows I cant place Cynthia Noble I use to live about half way up the road on the right hand side.
  9. My name is Brian Hall I used to live on Ditchingham Road and attended Elsmere And Burngreave Schools. in the 50s. I was great mates with Harold (baz ) and Mike Pilkington we had many happy times together. I joined the Army in 1959 and used to see them in the pubs down Gower st when I was home on leave. Give them my regards if you see them.
  10. Thats correct Smith was Dawns surname and Roy is her brother.
  11. I did my training at Treeton and Orgreave I left school in 1957 and started at Treeton this was my first job. When i finished my training i worked in the blacksmiths shop at Treeton for a while.
  12. My wife is Andy and Brian's sister, Roy as you say is there nephew.Andy was offered a trial with Sheffield United the manager or boss of the blades at that time went to there house to ask him to attend trials but he refused.
  13. My wife Pat know the Family very well she used to visit them regular when she was younger she know your Grandma and Grandad and also your aunts and uncles.
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