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  1. Yep, same one. Paul is still going strong and still cutting hair. A top man.
  2. Whereabouts at Ranmoor? I know a Paul who owned a shop in that part of the world and who is still cutting hair to this day, even at his time of life.
  3. Are there any of her descendants out there? I have something of hers; nothing valuable, just sentimental.
  4. Three Simon's; Boon, Winder & Mark's brother I remember them well.
  5. What do people reckon the best roads in Sheffield are for the actual road surfacing? Use the other thread to bash Amey and the Council. Lets use this one to be more positive. Woolley Wood bottom (Ecclesfield Rd)
  6. And even when they are surfaced there are still reasons to grumble....... Perhaps the "odd reason" is because it was considered to be one of the worst roads in Sheffield?
  7. We have a Balaclava Road already! In the Philadelphia area of the City.
  8. Can anyone help me to contact the owner of this place? Thanks in anticipation!
  9. I go in after every game. It no more busy than any other city centre pub and certainly no madhouse. Just don't turn up in blue and white stripes.
  10. Many thanks for all your quick responses!! I want to leave the loo where it is; knock out the dividing wall between kitchen and porch / coal house; raise the floor level of the porch area. But can the RSJ sit directly on the dividing wall between kitchen and living room or does it need a brick pillar leaving in? I don't want the pillar and I was hoping that if somebody has done this before then I won't have to employ a structural eng for calculations. I won't be doing this myself and need a builder. House is Freehold BTW.
  11. Has anyone knocked these three rooms into one? Mine is the end house of a four block and before I get a structural engineer and/or builder involved I wonder if this has been done before?? Any advice would be welcomed!
  12. The Luftwaffe, post 1960 modernisation, Sheffield City Council, Thatcher's industrial revolution and now the University. They have all played their part in Sheffield's lack of heritage. Jessops is simply the latest chapter but all more disappointing because it was Grade II listed and sets a dangerous precedent for any developer who wants to tickle our Planning Committee's tummy. But we can always go and stare at some stone circles instead eh?
  13. Our next get together / training session is on Wednesday 7th August. This will be in Endcliffe Park, starting at 7pm, for around an hour. Everyone is welcome, so please come along.
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