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    Best song ever?

    Everybody has a favourite song, for whatever reason. Mine has never changed in 60 plus years of listening to music, it is, I want you, I need you and I love you by Elvis Presley way back in 1956. I have loved all kinds of music since, but that was my all time favourite. Come on, you all have one song that moves and inspires you more than any other, let's hear all about it.

    Elvis Presley Day

    Way to push up daisies eh?

    Elvis Presley Day

    On this day, forty years ago Elvis Presley died at 42 years of age, and sent shockwaves around the World. RIP Elvis you sure made a major impact in the wonderful world of music, and still selling records by the millions.
  4. Trust me, I have seen it first hand, a lot of genuine homeless people have too much pride to beg, some actually refuse charity, welfare and handouts, for that reason. Also quite a few are mentally ill, and will accept a meal at a shelter, but have little use for money. The ones who are in your face begging for money are hustlers and should be ignored.
  5. Ahhh the good old days, I used to dream of getting a sadistic thrashing

    R.I.P Glen Campbell

    Don't forget the nine stone cowboy...

    R.I.P Glen Campbell

    Yes indeed ,he played on loads of hit records for other artists before he ever cut a solo record. ---------- Post added 09-08-2017 at 10:22 ---------- Yes, Glen could show some of the so called "guitar heroes" a thing or two, eh?

    R.I.P Glen Campbell

    RIP The Rhinestone Cowboy, happy trails. Great singer and an outstanding guitar player,

    Scon instead of scone ?

    In Canada, it's pronounced tea biscuit. ---------- Post added 08-08-2017 at 16:10 ---------- The village of Scone in Scotland is pronounced Skun according to Wiki.

    Cash for clothing

    Don't you get one of those chaps with the horse and cart down your street ,once a fortnight?

    The irrelevant class.

    Been awhile since I saw it, but think it was the Raleigh bicycle factory in Nottingham where that scene was shot. In fact I think all the location filming was done in Nottingham. No Nottingham accents though lol

    The irrelevant class.

    "Nine hundred and thirty, nine hundred and thirty bleeding one" ha ha! Not sure of the exact numbers, but that line when he is tossing bike pedal spindles in a bin is hilarious and epitomised the boredom of working on factory production lines.

    The irrelevant class.

    Actually there was quite a lot of major films late50's early 60's, that depicted working class life. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning ( which spawned Coronation Street) Room at the Top, Live Now Pay Later, This Sporting Life, The Angry Silence, The Family Way and many more.

    AK47 £5 note with low serial number

    A night out with Moneypenny:D

    R.i.p Hywel Bennett

    I think it was his first film along with Hayley Mills as his young bride. One of a spate of real life type films started by Saturday Night And Sunday Morning. What a shame he is only my age RIP Hywell.

    Sheffield Music Archive

    Are you strictly documenting bands? Are you considering solo artists?
  17. You are spot on mate, I gobbled up a lot of asbestos dust, working as a contractor in lots of steelworks and during 8 years in maintenance in a major steelworks where I served my apprenticeship. All with no respiratory protection, other than 20 to 30 Park Drive a day, lol

    Another WMC closes.

    You do mean Tombola, of course LOL:cool:

    AK47 £5 note with low serial number

    They will be worth 14 quid by the end of the year:D
  20. Wrong, which of the following countries are in the EU? Barbados, Bermuda, Israel, Jamaica, Philippines and the good old USA. there are 12 others too whose British ex pats get annual increases in state pension and are not in the EU. Canada and New Zealand have an agreement, but it does not include annual increases. Australia doesn't have an agreement at all and I guess those guys must have to go to the UK to register a claim and have it deposited in a British bank. Not sure on that , maybe one of our Aussie expats who come on here will enlighten us. ---------- Post added 04-08-2017 at 16:14 ---------- You are correct about Australia, they are not on the foreign social security agreement list on the UK website. I have touched on that above.
  21. At the outset they said they were graduating it a year at a time. By the sound of posters on here, they spoke with a forked tongue. Mind you I have my own beef with UK Govt. We have no agreement in Canada to index link our UK pension i.e. I get a 46% UK pension as it was in 2010 and it will never go up. This was Thatcher's doing. The Canadian side did everything they could but she couldn't be arsed to change it. Almost all countries world wide where ex-pats live get the annual increase, but not Canada which actually was developed by Britain and still has the Queens head on a 20 dollar bill.
  22. I don't get that, how come a new retiree gets 37 quid more than you do? Did they raise the contributions a lot in recent years?
  23. Sorry, I had no idea there had been a double cross on this matter. Bloody politicians.
  24. I read on the UK Gov. website many years ago that they were going to raise the pension age for women to the same as men and graduate it one year at a time, which is what you are saying they should have done. Well to the best of my knowledge, this is exactly what they did do. So now, the " inequality " is gone and equality has arrived. Isn't equality what women everywhere have been fighting for , seems like forever?

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