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  1. My brother is coming to visit Sheffield soon, I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of good websites that list whats going in and around the city?
  2. I have just set up a post in the For Sale section on this site, hopefully that might work.
  3. As I am fed up using ebay I was wondering if there are any good exchange shops in Sheffield or any other recommended way of selling on unwanted goods. In particular I have a used mobile handset that I want to get rid of as I have got a free upgrade. I have heard there is a CEX, is this any good or are there any better alternatives?
  4. I was wondering if any one new of a venue either in Sheffield or the surrounding area to go mini-moto racing? I am trying to organise a corporate event and the consensus is that people want to try mini-moto racing as we have been karting a few times in the past and fancied a change. Matt
  5. I was wondering if anyone on the forum could recommend a cleaner/cleaning company. That are: a) reliable b) trustworthy c) cheap I have a budget to spend of between £6-8/hr and only require between 1-2hrs per week. If anyone has any recommends please let me know as I have never used cleaning services in Sheffield. Regards Matt
  6. Hi I have recently brought my mountain bike up from back home. I have never used it in Sheffield but was wondering if anyone could recommend a reliable bike shop I could use to get it looked over. It is in need of a few new bits and bobs i.e. new tyres, brakes etc. It is a Specialized bike, so a shop that stocks them might be helpful. I live on the University side of town so any shops near there would be preferable. Cheers
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone with local knowledge knew of an alternative garage that could service a VW polo with the offical parts for a reasonable price. I also need to get it MOT at the same time. I figure because the car is now 4 years old and out of warranty I might as well save some money, rather than pay full wack at a VW dealership. Cheers
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any recommends on where I could buy some new tyres. I realise that kwick fit is generally quite expensive and would rather do buisness locally. I generally buy uniroyal tyres, so if anyone knows of a local stockist or any good garages that would sort me out with a good deal, please let me know. Matt
  9. Hi im in the lengthy process of producing an article on Sheffield. In it I basically need to provide sort of an idiots guide to the place. As this is a website devoted to Sheffield I figured that some people might be able to provide some useful information. It also will provide a point of debate. The points I need to consider are listed below... 1. What is the history of the place, ive heard it is a city built on 7 hills, like Rome apparently! 2. What areas make up the city centre and are there any interesting points to note 3. What has Sheffield to offer, i.e. why come to Sheffield? 4. What and who is it famous for? 5. What is there offer for people going out in the evening? 6. What sport facilities are on offer? 7. What stuff is there to do? 8. Any other info, such as ive heard that Sheffield has one of the lowest crime rates in the UK, and it's one of the greenist cities in Europe? Has it won any awards? What is the average cost of a pint? Basically everything and anything that is interesting! I would much appreciate any information or links to where to find these kind of things out.
  10. All got sorted, looked at the various options and smashing the window seemed like the most obvious one. Was painful though having to smash into your own car!
  11. Unfortunately not a member of the AA and no dodgy characters available for help. We know someone who can pick locks, but modern car electronics unfortunately have him beaten!
  12. I have a friend who owns a Peugeot 306 and the idiot has managed to lock his keys in the car. The car has central locking and he has no spare set of keys. Anyone on this forum got any ideas of how to solve this puzzle without having to smash a window?!
  13. I have tried Churchill's but they don't do it. It will be a miracle if I do find a competitive insurer that does!
  14. It is indeed my own policy. I have tried Norwich Union direct and you are right they do offer it, problem is that it costs £1800, which is a lot considering my renewal is around £500! I see what you are saying about the problems with this kind of cover, but it does come in handy if you want to share the driving with someone on a long trip.
  15. I have checked my policy and have researched into it. In the past it didn't use to be a problem with insurers but now with most insurers you have to be 25, which is unfortunate for me as im 22.
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