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  1. Sounds like the OP was expecting a parking space right outside the doors, couldnt see one, and so gave up.
  2. Go to this one and the one at Beighton from time to time, never had a bad meal there in all honesty. I must be lucky.
  3. If only it was so easy. Once collected, arrears occur again. Plus it costs money to collect. Every area has a council tax debt, you make it sound like it only happens here.
  4. How much "suffering" is occurring because some car drivers have to enter a 40mph road via a normal junction rather than a slip road? Can you quantify the level of "suffering" on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is finding out the milk has gone off in the fridge but the corner shop is closed, and 10 is an event such as the African famines of the 1980's?
  5. Bit of a misleading thread title given it isn't Talk Talk doing the "scamming".
  6. So does S8 Blade need a slip road to enter every single 40mph road in the UK?
  7. Been told that most of floors 4-6 are empty but the rest is inhabited. Makes sense to move into a building you own rather than pay rent on loads.
  8. I know someone who has just moved into Moorfoot and if anything they are saving money by getting rid of all the premises they lease and moving people into all the premises they own. Moorfoot was a state so needed a lick of paint or whatever but will save money in the long run. So you can't really criticise them for refurbing offices if it saves money long term. As for chasing debt, every council area has debt and it costs money to chase.
  9. Looks like the second table on the Sunday page has the wrong heading and it should say Handsworth --> Sheffield Centre as that is the only part of the route that runs according to that page: http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=17179872400
  10. Don't think those are the ones held at the Town Hall that Mr Tin Foil Hat was on about
  11. Only council tenants get a free collection, one per year. All further collections are based on the scale on the link provided, which I assumed you clicked on and have read. As for a three piece suite counting as multiple items, I dunno: the lady on the phone said my massive corner sofa, in two pieces, would only be two items. Hence it's only cost me £19.50.
  12. How do you think other shops manage who are located in similar locations? As already said, it's a standard junction, slip roads for 40mph roads are not the norm. Suck it up.
  13. Was quoted an eye-watering SIXTY FIVE QUID to remove my old sofa by a company associated by DFS! No charity would have it as it is damaged. Just rang the Council myself to book it in for next week, my sofa is classed as 2 items (comes in two pieces as it is a corner sofa) so I can get rid of a third item too whilst I am at it. And all for £19.50. Bargain.
  14. Already been a thread about this - bus companies buy fuel in bulk in advance, plus have many other overheads other than fuel.
  15. Local villages are never signposted off motorways in terms of services available there such as toilets etc, thats why "service stations" exist
  16. Closed the week before Xmas. Probably died on its arse. ---------- Post added 09-01-2015 at 12:28 ---------- Discussed here: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showpost.php?p=10803297&postcount=1520
  17. I am sure all the shopkeepers are all experts in transport planning
  18. Well I did when I lived there. Unless you got the last train at 11.45ish, it was a bomb in a taxi. Should be a little better these days though given the Metrolink runs until 1am at the weekend.
  19. Try and get between Rochdale and Oldham after 11pm, or Bolton/Bury, the same problems exist. Granted there are some Night buses and trams run later, but only on Friday and Saturdays and Manchester is the hub for the buses, dont think any night buses run between the towns.
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