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  1. Correct, the website specifies this. One collection of up to 12 items free a year. Unfortunately I am not a council tenant, was happy to pay the £19.50 though
  2. I paid £19.50 for three items = £6.50 per item He paid £25 for two items = £12.50 per item £12.50 is roughly 92% more than £6.50. Therefore he paid 92% more per item than me. 92.3077% to be precise Hope this helps and maybe leave the maths to someone else next time And if they charge the same for one item then they do three, then more fool the people who only shift one item at a time. Do three items and make it more cost effective. Even if they had only shifted two items for me, at £9.75 an item (that is £19.50 divided into two, for the hard of thinking) it is still cheaper than Penistones collection.
  3. So £12.50 an item then, whereas I paid £6.50. Well done for paying 92% more per item than I did :hihi: Also are you sure he took them to the tip? Hmm?
  4. Was struggling to get rid of my old two piece sofa (no resale value), no charity shop would have it and had been quoted eye watering amounts by private contractors. That was until I spotted on here on Friday that Veolia offer a bulky waste collection service. So I rang them up, and paid £19.50 to have three items removed! Yes, three! So could get rid of both the pieces of my old sofa plus another item that wouldn't fit in my car! Was instructed to leave the items outside before 7am this morning, was a bit wary about having such large items cluttering up my front lawn as it looks a bit common, but they had collected by 8am this morning! So well done Veolia Would recommend anyone to use their service rather than the man and van types that trawl these boards and charge a fortune
  5. Possibly. Just seems stupid to do what is being suggested, well at least in my opinion.
  6. You would have to convert the entire building to a warehouse, much cheaper and more appropriate buildings exists where this can be done.
  7. Yes, because corner shop prices are much much cheaper
  8. On a similar topic, have Tesco announced which 40-odd stores they are closing yet?
  9. Indeed, so they would never get permission for a change of use. A warehouse is much different to a supermarket.
  10. I cant imagine a supermarket building is going to be logistically the best building to use for a warehouse operation, so I am calling bull on that rumour.
  11. Yes it is, "Going out in Sheffield" isn't about going out to the local park
  12. Why would someone from most parts of Sheffield go to a branch of Currys in Chesterfield rather than Sheffield? In fact I don't think any part of Sheffield is near the one at the retail park in Chesterfield than any of the ones in Sheffield. You come across in your posts like some representative for Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce Oh, and have a few of these in return :loopy:
  13. Lol how much do you think a bog standard counsellor gets?
  14. Indeed, if she only clipped her she may not even be aware. No point in chasing this, IMO.
  15. Well yes, hardly going to help the OP now though
  16. Whats the point of ringing them to ask why there was a power cut? Especially given the power is now back on? Not as if the OP can do anything with that information is it, will be merely down to a fault with some equipment, or the wind causing havoc.
  17. Nope. And havent the council there just closed the massive car park right next to the market?
  18. Places like that exists in Sheffield, you know. They are called "retail parks".
  19. Well in that case the process is: - find a car parking space in town - Go to shop - buy TV - go back to car - drive to shop and park outside it for 30 seconds on double yellows to load car up - drive off
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