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  1. The main issue is not that palm oil is bad for you but more that (over) refined palm oil is bad for you. Sadly, the latter is commonly used in the processed food that you will buy in supermarkets whereas red palm oil is quite an healthy option to cook with. Same goes for starchy carbs, if you go for processed ones they are bad for you but otherwise there is nothing wrong with eating them. To simplify, stay away from processed food and especially if they claim to be healthy.
  2. Hello Jacob, I just sent you a private message.
  3. It is a good idea to experiment with a vegan diet on a short term just to learn about new ingredients and way of cooking. On the long term it is another story... The benefits that most people get from switching to a vegan/vegetarian diet is due to the fact that they eat a lot more veggies than before and not from the fact that they cut out meat. Moreover, I would not based my motivation to go vegan on Frank Medrano results. Everybody is different. Few people thrive on a vegan diet but it is not common. In the same way, there are also Olympic gold medalist that smoke and eat Mcdonalds...Would you follow their lifestyle though? Good luck with your experiment.
  4. Hi, Get back on moving a bit more everyday (walking, swimming, etc.) and start again your paleo diet. Use what was working for you. Regarding specific exercises, you should ask your GP or a specialist that knows about your condition to help you building a program. It will be difficult for anyone here to give you safe advice...
  5. Hello guys, I am planning to start providing movement practice sessions. Each session will have a focus on a particular skills: balancing, strength, mobility, hanging/climbing, jumping or locomotion/crawling. It includes training for specific movements such as ring muscle-up, front lever, handstand, headstand and . The training is mainly inspired by the Ido Portal and Movnat methods. Sessions are open to everyone (men and women) and will most of the time be held outside in parks. Even if you are a total beginner, there are progressions for every moves so don’t worry. If you are interested, please feel free to send me a PM or post here with your goals and your availability (time and location). Move because you can, Alexandre
  6. Hi babyblueeyes, I am a certified precision nutrition coach (http://www.precisionnutrition.com/about), only doing it currently on a volunteer basis as it is not my main activity (so it's free). If you are motivated, I will be happy to help you reach your goals. Just drop me a private message. However, be aware that I don't have the magic pill so it's not going to be easy. I can only promess you long and sustainable changes. Alex
  7. There are plenty of factors that can play a role so it's difficult to conclude anything from that. Maybe you are undereating so your metabolism thinks you are in danger then it will switch off unecessary functions and all hormones to store fat will be switched on. How do you measure your body fat? There are chances that if you use a scale it is not accurate. That's good to challenge your knowledge especially about nutrition as they are lot of bull**** in the medias. One advice would be to try to increase the quality of your experience, if you want to get something out of it, because the results you came up with were obviously wrong...
  8. Tipex, I don't know how accurate were your experiments but you have surely done something wrong somewhere. And please if you could add some sources to your "facts" that would be great. Fact 1: calorie excess and weight gain Excess calorie intake always results in weight gain based on the assumption that your digestive system is working properly. The 500kcal excess from broccoli or chips that you are going to eat will end somewhere in your body which will result in weight gain, no matter what they are and from. Of course, as you explain it. It is more difficult to eat the same amount of calorie from veggies than from processed food. So I would bet that the problem in your experience is that you didn't actually eat the same amount of calorie in both meals. I am sorry, it's not today that you are going to beat the laws of physics. Plus, you say: . So you will have to explain us how you end up saying the opposite if you want to gain weight. Myth 1: What you eat is more important than how much you eat. it's not a myth. Ok you can get ripped eating skittles but it's not going to last and you will certainly die much sooner as well. You will miss all the good nutrients that you can find in veggies, fruits, meat, fish, etc. and your metabolism will just be destroyed. On the other hand, if you choose what you eat carefully, you will have hard time overeating, your metabolism will be more efficient, you will store less fat and build more muscles. So yes what you eat is much much more important than how much you eat. You also contradict yourself on that one as you wrote: Fact 2: People do not get fat because they are lazy or slothful. This one is a no brainer. I don't even know how you can write something like that. If you eat and stay on your couch all day long, you will loose muscle and get fat. What's funny is that you are writing a whole paragraph about your workouts just after that... In conclusion, just read again what you wrote. Just try to notice that you are writing everything and the opposite in one paragraph. I hope you will learn few things with our comments and reconsider preaching ineptness like that...I will be happy to provide you with some stuff to read based on research if you are interested.
  9. Well, we don't know if she is not intolerant to it. They are different level of intolerance and unless it is severe, there are not that many tests you can do to assess it with confidence. So in that case you can cut out gluten/wheat from your diet for couple of weeks and see if you feel better. And if you don't see any changes, you can get back on eating gluten/wheat, it's not two weeks of privation that will make you intolerant to something.... True, I was just reading an article saying that they managed to remove the allergens from wheat by genetics modifications but it's not yet in our supermarket.
  10. You are right but a product can be wheat free and having gluten or gluten free and having wheat so despite their links, they are different things. I am curious, what would you recommend in that case? Keep eating stuff you are intolerant to and constantly not feeling right or stop eating the food you are intolerant to and getting bad for couple of days when you do the mistake to eat some... It's an interesting dilemma.
  11. Hi, I don't know any group of this kind but if you change your mind and prefer to go for a nutrition coach send me a private message. I am certified from http://www.precisionnutrition.com/about and I will be happy to help you.
  12. Wheat and gluten are two different things. Some people are intolerant to gluten, some are intolerant to wheat but there is no direct relation between the two besides that both can be found in cereal. If you are fairly intolerant to one of them, you will surely have great benefit from stop eating it. The challenge is to avoid even small quantities as it won't make any differences otherwise. A good experience would be to cut out gluten, for instance, for two weeks and see how it goes, do the same with wheat then with both. And see how your body reacts as testing for food tolerance are usually not accurate.
  13. Nothing fancy, you will have a tour of the gym and equipment. They will show you how to use machines if you are interested in using them and that's it.
  14. It's really far from my place as well so didn't have time to go there yet
  15. I have been to Meersbrook Park and there are some, though it is not the best one ever. While I was playing there, someone told me that Millhouses park is much better.
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