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  1. So the old , infirm and those with chronic illness have to struggle round the supermarket (possibly using a walking aid) carrying a basket , getting heavier with every item . Then , when the OAP shopping time ends , the selfish hoarding cretin families can come back and fill a large trolley each again ?
  2. A small minority of humans are carnivores It doesn’t matter how many times you deny it You can’t debate with anyone insular or/and obtuse And therefore I am going to drop the mic. Goodnight.
  3. Because no one only eats meat You need to do some research and because we aren’t carnivores. 'We' might not be but some people are, and in the admittedly quite unlikely event of one of these working for Igloo they would absolutely be discriminated against and because no one is being prevented from eating - just eating a certain food Yes and the food is meat which carnivores eat exclusively , hence it is absolutely discriminatory to carnivores . so all your “lefty” rant is irrelevant. 'lefty' ???? 'rant' ???? You need to read some of your own posts, and as your knowledge of carnivores is woefully lacking , I suspect some will think it is your own posts which are irrelevant.
  4. I am certainly not advocating it lol , but there are definitely carnivores out there . Have a look at this - https://www.welovecycling.com/wide/2019/04/18/the-carnivore-diet-why-some-people-decide-to-only-eat-meat/ As , I said , it's not my bag , and I wouldn't argue the benefits or detriments , but I would support their right not to be discriminated against .
  5. You most definitely answered my question to Makapaka and you either hadn't read my previous interactions with him/her/them, and / or you didn't know what a carnivore was. Regarding the answer to my question , then as you believe my scenario wouldn't be discriminatory and you have also said that what Igloo is actually doing isn't discriminatory ie the reverse of my scenario then as far as I am concerned , there is no argument to be had . You believe both scenario's to be non discriminatory and I believe them both to be discriminatory.It is just a difference of opinion. Some , on the other hand I believe would think only the scenario in my question would be discrimination and that is just hypocritical. I think you will find there are a very small minority who eat meat exclusively. These people are definitely carnivores .
  6. Could I respectfully ask that you read the thread completely before leaping in to speak for Makapaka ( Although he doesn't appear to be able to answer for himself). From the start , my posts have referred to carnivores being discriminated against by Igloo . Carnivores do not eat meat . I will repeat yet again . Igloo are absolutely discriminating against carnivores. Now , I have courteously answered you ,(despite your snide and uncalled for 'I'll leave you to fill in the gaps' remark) so would you answer my question ? Here it is again - So , if Igloo would only pay for meat based meals for their employees , be they vegetarian or meat eater , would that be discriminatory towards vegans and vegetarians ?
  7. So , if Igloo would only pay for meat based meals for their employees , be they vegetarian or meat eater , would that be discriminatory towards vegans and vegetarians ?
  8. I thought you might not. I find most trendy , Right On ! , liberals are actually the most discriminatory, inconsiderate , bigoted , tunnel visioned individuals on the planet who believe discrimination can only exist towards their chosen current favourite minority group , whilst other more mainstream groups (or in this case , an even smaller minority group) are fair game for any amount of discrimination and general abuse . Perhaps you belong to this group. Personally I believe all law abiding people should be treated equally , with compassion and a sense of fairness . Please explain how refusing to pay for a meal for an employee who only eats meat , whilst paying for all other employee's vegetarian meals is not discriminating against the carnivore , because I genuinely cannot see how it can be anything other than discriminatory. Incidentally I am neither carnivore nor vegan.
  9. Humans as a species are omnivorous. Just as a minority of humans do not eat meat (vegetarians , vegans) , another minority only eat meat (carnivores). This policy we are discussing absolutely discriminates against carnivores. Surely you agree ?
  10. I think you will find it absolutely is discrimination towards carnivores .
  11. Presumably you think tax payers who are not in receipt of any welfare benefit should be able to opt out of paying for benefits such as yours then ?
  12. Do you think the billions of public money poured into banks in order to bail them out since 2008 is laughable ?
  13. No . Owning ones own house and having assets does not in any way give someone the ability to pay anything . Why do you think it would ?
  14. And how does this make them able to afford a TV licence ?
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