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  1. A quick google search shows Yaniv seems to have an unhealthy interest in menstruation among 10-12 year old girls and is quite obsessed about personally showing them how to use menstrual products in public bathrooms. If true then do you not think this is abnormal and could easily be thought of as predatory behaviour ? I am not suggesting this person should be locked up for having such thoughts , but if thoughts turned into actions then it would be a different matter.
  2. Perhaps you could explain why you think the views of someone who only has CSE's are worthless.
  3. To be fair , you seem to be the one who is most annoyed , iansheff states he thinks it is pathetic how this academic has claimed a simple play on words in a children's book is sexist . What makes you assume he is annoyed by it ?
  4. And what exactly is the relevance of Gaz 786 's age Halibut ?
  5. Rage Against The Machine
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