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  1. E syst Hi there. The price I charge for a fusebox upgrade is around 250 however there can be additional charges if the mains ( water and gas) needs earthing. It is always best to have a test done just to be sure the system will take the rcds. So, there you go, no more than £350 all in, certificates and notifications also. Hope this is of help. Many thanks. Nic.
  2. Hi, I am new to Sheffield. I moved here 3 weeks ago from Durham. Im a domestic electrician. What I am wanting to do is adjust my prices for jobs, however Im not sure what other electricians charge for jobs such as changing lights, a new socket, outdoor lights, DB upgrade etc etc( I am aware that prices can vary massively). So Im simply asking I you have had work done recently or are a sparkie yourself ( Hi! ) could you tell me what you paid or charged and I could then adjust my prices accordingly and hopefully get my little business going here and enjoy Sheffield life. Many thanks, Nic. I hope this message doesnt break any of the rules and that it is the right place.
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