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  1. Hi Mary, There is a marriage in the fourth quarter of 1965 in Sheffield between Alec H. Wheelhouse and Pauline Organ. There are then two birth registrations: James Alec Wheelhouse, quarter four 1975, Sheffield. Mothers maiden name Organ. Timothy Mark Wheelhouse, quarter four 1980, Sheffield. Mothers maiden name Organ. UK Electoral Rolls, 2002 to 2019. 25 Denham Road, Sheffield, S11 8NE. Pauline Wheelhouse, 65+ ( ages on the rolls are not exact). Other occupants: Alec Wheelhouse, James Wheelhouse and Timothy Wheelhouse. Occupancy: 30 years. Moira.
  2. 1939 register, 7 Winster Road, Sheffield. Frank Ellis born 4 May 1880, labourer wire mill, Widowed. One record closed. Lily Dunkerley (Ellis) born 11 Oct 1882, Widowed. Walter Dunkerley born 13 Jan 1916, twist drill and small tools, single. One record closed. When Walter Dunkerley's birth was registered, his mothers maiden name is given as 'Whitehead'. Marriage 20 July 1908, St Philip's, Sheffield. Herbert Dunkerley, 31, bat, Conductor, 3 Cross Portland St, father, Herber Dunkerley, Engineer. Lily Whitehead, 25, spin, 73 Addy St. father, Arthur Whitehead, Drayman. 1901 census, Waggon and Horses Inn, Gleadless Road, Sheffield. Arthur Whitehead, head, mar, 40yrs, LicensedVictualler, born Hartfield, Sussex. Emily Whitehead, wife, 39yrs, born Sheffield. Lily Whitehead, dau, 18yrs, born Sheffield. There are six more children, all born Sheffield.
  3. Hi Penny, If you look on 'FreeBMD' you can check for any births there. Jennifer M. Yates 1945 has the mothers maiden name Schofield. The following have the mothers maiden name 'Brown'. Are these also you family. Susan P. Yates 1949, Gillian Yates 1951 and Peter Yates 1955. You will see that Peter has the same birth registration year as Penelope A. so they are either twins or different families.
  4. 1939 register. 97 Brunswick Road, Sheffield. Arthur Kynoch, born 20 July 1896, Porter Furriers shop, married. Mabel Kynoch, born 2 May 1899, domestic duties, married. When Arthur and Mabel married in 1921 at St Mary's, Bramall Lane, Arthur gives his fathers name as James Kinoch, Painter, (Deceased). His address was 145 Marcus Street. 1911 census, 145 Marcus St. Sheffield James Kinoch, 49, General labourer steel works, born Sheffield. Eliza Kinoch, 52, born Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. George Kinoch, son, 16, Tapping nuts steel works, born Sheffield. ARTHUR Kinoch, son, 14, Tapping nuts steel works, born Sheffield. Andrew Kinoch, son, 12, born Stockport, Cheshire. Margaret Whithorne, dau, Married, 26, born Sheffield. James Whithorne, grandson, 3, born Sheffield. In 1901 the family are at 8 Heaton Lane, Stockport, Cheshire and there is also a son William aged 14, born Sheffield.
  5. 1939 register. 46-48 Verdon Street, Sheffield. Albert Kynoch , born 1886, Licensee Albert Turner Public House, single. Florence Kynoch, born 1887, widowed. Kenneth Kynoch, born 1926, At school.
  6. Hi Luke, 1939 Register, West Riding Mental Hospital, Wadsley, Sheffield. Eric Houlder, patient, born 1924, Incapacitated.
  7. Sheffield Independent, 26 Nov 1937. The examination was taking place of Henry Holmes, cycle dealer, of 322 Attercliffe Common, Sheffield who said he had never kept any books as he had not known they were necessary. He had liabilities amounting to £279 and £20 assets. He attributed his failure to illness and depreciation of stock. The examination was closed.
  8. Star Green-Un, Sheffield. Henry Holmes (Cycles) Ltd. 289 & 292 Sharrowvale Road, off Ecclesall Roundabout, Advertising his once a year sale. Another entry in 1957 advises entrants for the Sheffield Wheelers' to send their entries to Henry Holmes, 289 Sharrowvale Road.
  9. Marriage, 25 June 1884, Sheffield Parish Church (Cathedral). John Drew, 58, WIDOWER, Edge Tool Maker of Freedom St, father, Samuel Drew, Ivory and Bone turner. Anne Naylor, 40, WIDOW, of Freedom St. father Thomas Nicholson, Blade forger. 1891 census, Burnaby Street, Sheffield. John Drew, 65 (1826), Edge tool maker, born Birmingham, Warwickshire. Ann Drew, wife, 46, born Sheffield. John F. Naylor, stepson, 23, table blade forger, born Sheffield. 1881 census, 133 1/2 Cromwell Street, Sheffield. John Drew, 55, Edge tool maker, born Birmingham, Warwickshire. Eliza Drew, wife, 57, born Birmingham, Warwickshire. Alice E. Drew, dau, 11, born Kings Norton, Warwickshire. In 1871, John and Eliza are at Norton St, Kings Norton. Children: Hannah 19, Chales T. 5 and Alice E. 11months. In 1861 the family are at Back 104, 10 Hope St, Birmingham. Family not found in 1851. 1841 census, Mosely Rd, Ashton, Warwicks. Samuel Drew, 38, Bone turner. Mary Drew, 38. Children: Harriot 15, JOHN 15 (plane? maker), Charles 13, Ann 10, Eliza 8, Fredrick 6, Joseph 2 and David. All born in county.
  10. Hi Susan, On the 2 February 1924, there is a double marriage at The Parish Church, Grenoside. Kate Portman of Hoyle House, Whitley, daughter of George Portman, miner, married Walter Wilkinson of 2 School Lane, Grenoside. AND Olive Portman of Hoyle House, Whitley, daughter of George Portman, miner, married David Finby Womersley of 8 Hawthorne Road, Hillsborough. They were both by Licence. Sheffield Independent 18 August 1933. (Article + photo). The birth of a daughter to Mr & Mrs Walter Wilkinson of Greenhill Avenue, Woodseats, Sheffield, makes four generations in the family of Mr & Mrs Ezra Portman of 53 Ecclesfield Lane, Chapeltown, near Sheffield. The Photo shows Mrs E. Portman, aged 80 years, Mr George Portman aged 56, Mrs Walter Wilkinson aged 32 years and baby Rose Mary Wilkinson. Mr George Portman, who is the licensee of the Acorn Inn, Bracken Hill, Chapeltown, was for a number of years president and delegate respectively of the Smithwood Colliery branch of the Yorkshire Mine Workers Association. He is now president of the Smithwood Colliery agency of the Thornsliffe and Rockingham Permanent Relief Society. Moira.
  11. In the Electoral Registers for 2002-2014, there was a Gerald and Shirley Bower living at 362 Loxley Road, Sheffield, S6 4TJ.
  12. 1891 census, Woodheads Row, Chapeltown, Ecclesfield, Yks. William Fox, 35, coal miner, born Sheffield. Mary Fox, 32, born Cornwall. James Ruse, step-son, 15, coal miner, born HIgh Green, Yks. Richard Ruse, step-son, 14, coal miner, born HIgh Green, Yks. 1891 census, 1891, High Green, Chapeltown, Ecclesfield, Yks. John Ruse, boarder, 19, coal miner, born Launceston, Cornwall. Richard Ruse, boarder, 12, coal miner, born St. Thomas, Cornwall. (Boarding with John Marshall born Plymouth and his wife Elizabeth Marshall, born St. Thomas, Cornwall.
  13. UK Electoral Rolls 2002-15. Deric Sayles, 8 The Lawns, Sheffield, S11 9FL. Other occupant: Stuart Sayles.
  14. 1911 census, 3 Cross Addey Street, Sheffield. Frances Belk, head, married, 38yrs, Housewife. Ernest Belk, son,15yrs, grinder edge tool. Olive Belk, dau, 13yrs, Jessie Belk, dau, 11yrs. GRACE Belk, dau, 8yrs. Albert Matthews, boarder, widow, 38yrs, slater. Albert Matthews, son, 14. Cyrus Matthews, son, 11. Alice Matthews, dau, 8. All born Sheffield. In 1901 at 92 Scotland Street, Frances (Fanny) is with her husband William. Children are Minnie 11, Frances 7, Ernest 5, Olive 3 and Jesse 3 months. Fanny Nicholson married William Belk, 7 April 1889 at St George, Sheffield.
  15. 1939 register, 3 Cross Addy Street, Sheffield. Frances Fryer (Belk), born 27 Aug 1911 (I think this should be 1871), married. Thomas Fryer, born 11 Dec 1872 (says 11 Aug 1917), Corporation labourer, widower. There is a piece of cellotape across the birth dates and they are hard to read.
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