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  1. HI Vic, Electoral Rolls 1998-2018. There is a Paul Andrew Vickers and a Sarah Elizabeth Vickers living at 15 Bents Green Avenue, Sheffield, S11 7RB. Moira.
  2. UK Electoral Registers 2002/22. Lesley J Shillito, 47 Molineaux Road, Sheffield S5 0JZ. Other occupant: Kenneth Shillito.
  3. Christ Church, Attercliffe, 28 June1919, Marriage. Arthur Merrill, 22, Bat, Table blade forger, 104 Franklin St., father William Merrill (dec), table blade forger. Lily Warris, 21, Spin., 141 Ripon St., father Frederick Warris, grinder. Witnesses: Blanche Merril and Harry Clarke. Lily Warris born 2 September, bap 25 September 1898 at St. John's, Park. Parents: Frederick and Mary Elizabeth, of 21ct 3h Attercliffe Road, grinder. Moira.
  4. Hi Linda, Just to confirm, was Arthur born in 1897 and not 1857?
  5. 1939 register, 69 Rustlings Road, Sheffield. David I. Gatty, born 9 May 1879, Teacher (Art Master). With him is a housekeeper called Norah Bullas. David Ivor Vaughan Gatty, baptised 18 June 1879 at St Nicholas, Bradfield. Parents, Reginald Alfred and Florence Emily. David Ivor Vaughn Gatty aged 67, cremation index record, buried 6 Jan 1947 at City Road Cemetery. Cremation no. 5412. Sheffield Independent, 14 March 1914. At Hooton Roberts, the funeral of Rev. Reginald Alfred Gatty who was the grandson of Nelson's chaplain on the Victory. Mourners: Sir Alfred Scott Gatty, Mr Charles Scott Gatty, Mr Charles T. Gatty (brothers) Mr Reginald A.A. Gatty, Mr Nicholas C, Gatty, Mr D. Ivor V. Gatty (sons) and Mrs Warde (sister). Sheffield Independent, 5 Oct 1938. This articles mentons the young Mr Thomas Ward whose lino cuts were on display at an exhibition at Manchester City Art Gallery and is a Sheffield schoolmaster artist and a native of Sheffield. It then mentions that there is a portrait in oils of Mr Ivor Gatty at the Sheffield Central Secondary School for Boys. In another article in 1923 it mentions that Ivor was the grandson of the late Dr. Gatty. Ivor was born at Bradfield where his father was Vicar.
  6. 1939 register, 106 Greenhill Avenue, Sheffield. Frank Tebbutt, born 16 Feb 1888, Boilersmith, married. Grace Tebbutt, born 5 Jan 1893, domestic duties, married. Albert Castleton, born 4 Jan 1909, Saw maker, circular saw, married. Irene Castleton, born 12 July 1914, domestic duties, married.
  7. 1911 census, 686 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield. Fred Coulson, 28, Hatter Shopkeeper, born Sheffield. Annie Coulson, wife, 27, born Sheffield. Fred married Annie Ellen Oxley, 5 March 1806, Wadsley Parish Church. Fred served in the army during WW1. He enlisted 11 Jan 1916 and was demobbed 31 Jan 1919. Served in France. Fred does not appear to have advertised his business in the newspapers.
  8. 1939 Register, West Riding Mental Hospital, Wadsley, Sheffield. (Middlewood Hospital). William L. Marshall, patient, born 4 June 1900, Filler coal mine, married.
  9. In 1871, Clough House was a school. Richard Bowling was the school master and his wife Emma is with him. There were six assistant teachers, twenty two pupils and six domestic servants. In 1851 and 1861 the occupants were George Hounsfield/Howfield and his wife Marie, in 1851 George was a Coal Master and in 1861 he was a Banker.
  10. 1939 Register, 460 Windmill Lane, Sheffield. Clifford Bond, born 3 Oct 1904, Loader rolling mills, married. Alice M. Bond, born 4 May 1909, domestic duties, married. Two records closed. Mary Bond (Grayson), born 24 Aug 1938. Clifford is on the 1911 census at 2h 6ct Coleridge Road with his parents Richard (born Preston, Lancs) and Mary Ellen (born Sheffield). Alice May is on the 1911 census at 20court 12house, Hammond St. She is mith her mother Elizabeth Fletcher and her siblings. Back in 1901, head of household is Walter James Fletcher born Royston, Yks.
  11. Sheffield Independent, 7 Nov 1935. L & P Schweitzer, late of Duke Street, Park, announce the opening of a New Store 19-21 Wicker, Sheffield. Lift to all floors. Later the article mentions Mr Leon Schweitzer and Mr Percy Schweitzer, decendents of a well known family who have served the needs of Sheffield for half a century. 1939 register, 5 Slayleigh Lane, Sheffield. Percy Schweitzer born 21 Aug 1909, Furniture Director & Partner in Company, Single. Sarah Schweitzer, born 25 Oct 1886, Private means, Widowed. Not found Leon in 1939, but, there is this.... 1939, Grand Hotel, Leopold St, Sheffield. Lena Schweitzer, born 8 March 1889, Partner in furniture business, Widow.
  12. On the 1939 register, Mary Ellen Hopkin gives her date of birth as, 13 August 1879.
  13. Hi Clive, Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 19 July 1929. DEATHS ELLIOTT_____On July 14th at the Royal Hospital, from injuries received in a motor accident, Frederick Austin, dearly beloved son of Frederick and May Elliott of 123 Ecclesall Road, aged 18 years. Interment, City Road, 2.45pm today, Friday. This burial is on the 'Sheffield Indexers' site and is free to view. Also in the same grave is: Frederick Elliott, tailor, 49 years, 6 Feb1906. Eva Elliott, widow, 62yrs, 9 Nov 1918. David Elliott, 6yrs, 21 July 1894. Minnie Margaret Elliott, 3wks, 20 May 1882. Elizabeth Barstow, widow, 72yrs, 16 April 1898. 1939 Register, 123 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. Frederick Elliott, born 1 Dec 1883, Wages clerk, steel works, married. May Elliott, born 21 June 1884, Sweets & tobacco (manageress), married. Winifred Eva Elliott (Allsop), born 4 Aug 1920, Wholesale newsagents clerk, single. May Elliott, widow age 80, died at 11 Derbyshire Lane, buried 11 May 1965, Abbey Lane Cemetery. As yet, burial for husband Frederick not found.
  14. 1939 Register, 186 Penistone Road N. Reuben Berry, born 4 June 1883, Coal carter, married. Annie Berry, born 27 Sep 1883, married. Lily Berry (Jones), born 17 Jan 1917, Stopper tightening mineral water, single. Phyllis Berry (Platts), born 10 May 1919, Bottle washer brewery, single. 1911 census, 24 Beverley Street, Sheffield. Reuben Berry, 27, Coal dealer, born Attercliffe, Yks. Annie Berry, wife, 27, Assisting in business, born Southey Green, Yks. There is a marriage registration in 1909, Reuben Berry to Anne Marie Walton. 1891 census, Roundel Street, Attercliffe-cum-Darnall, Sheffield. Thomas Berry, 53, Carter, born Sutton-on-Trent. Sarah A. Berry, 47, born Ecclesall, Yks. Annie Berry, dau, 25, born Sheffield. Herbert Berry, son 13, born Sheffield. Reuben Berry, son, 7, born Sheffield. Reuben Berry (Retired aged 83) Died at Northern General Hospital, buried 4 May 1967, Shiregreen Cemetery.Sheffield. In the same grave: Annie Marie Berry (wife of Reuben age 60), Died at 186 Penistone Road, buried 27 October 1944. (See 'Sheffield Indexers' for the above burials).
  15. Hi Clive, Do you already have the 1901 and 1911 census for the family in Sheffield?
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