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  1. Moirahyde


    Hi Susan, On the 2 February 1924, there is a double marriage at The Parish Church, Grenoside. Kate Portman of Hoyle House, Whitley, daughter of George Portman, miner, married Walter Wilkinson of 2 School Lane, Grenoside. AND Olive Portman of Hoyle House, Whitley, daughter of George Portman, miner, married David Finby Womersley of 8 Hawthorne Road, Hillsborough. They were both by Licence. Sheffield Independent 18 August 1933. (Article + photo). The birth of a daughter to Mr & Mrs Walter Wilkinson of Greenhill Avenue, Woodseats, Sheffield, makes four generations in the family of Mr & Mrs Ezra Portman of 53 Ecclesfield Lane, Chapeltown, near Sheffield. The Photo shows Mrs E. Portman, aged 80 years, Mr George Portman aged 56, Mrs Walter Wilkinson aged 32 years and baby Rose Mary Wilkinson. Mr George Portman, who is the licensee of the Acorn Inn, Bracken Hill, Chapeltown, was for a number of years president and delegate respectively of the Smithwood Colliery branch of the Yorkshire Mine Workers Association. He is now president of the Smithwood Colliery agency of the Thornsliffe and Rockingham Permanent Relief Society. Moira.
  2. Moirahyde

    Janet Bower - Help to find her please......

    In the Electoral Registers for 2002-2014, there was a Gerald and Shirley Bower living at 362 Loxley Road, Sheffield, S6 4TJ.
  3. Moirahyde

    Name - Ruse

    1891 census, Woodheads Row, Chapeltown, Ecclesfield, Yks. William Fox, 35, coal miner, born Sheffield. Mary Fox, 32, born Cornwall. James Ruse, step-son, 15, coal miner, born HIgh Green, Yks. Richard Ruse, step-son, 14, coal miner, born HIgh Green, Yks. 1891 census, 1891, High Green, Chapeltown, Ecclesfield, Yks. John Ruse, boarder, 19, coal miner, born Launceston, Cornwall. Richard Ruse, boarder, 12, coal miner, born St. Thomas, Cornwall. (Boarding with John Marshall born Plymouth and his wife Elizabeth Marshall, born St. Thomas, Cornwall.
  4. Moirahyde


    UK Electoral Rolls 2002-15. Deric Sayles, 8 The Lawns, Sheffield, S11 9FL. Other occupant: Stuart Sayles.
  5. Moirahyde

    Family tree locations and names

    1911 census, 3 Cross Addey Street, Sheffield. Frances Belk, head, married, 38yrs, Housewife. Ernest Belk, son,15yrs, grinder edge tool. Olive Belk, dau, 13yrs, Jessie Belk, dau, 11yrs. GRACE Belk, dau, 8yrs. Albert Matthews, boarder, widow, 38yrs, slater. Albert Matthews, son, 14. Cyrus Matthews, son, 11. Alice Matthews, dau, 8. All born Sheffield. In 1901 at 92 Scotland Street, Frances (Fanny) is with her husband William. Children are Minnie 11, Frances 7, Ernest 5, Olive 3 and Jesse 3 months. Fanny Nicholson married William Belk, 7 April 1889 at St George, Sheffield.
  6. Moirahyde

    Family tree locations and names

    1939 register, 3 Cross Addy Street, Sheffield. Frances Fryer (Belk), born 27 Aug 1911 (I think this should be 1871), married. Thomas Fryer, born 11 Dec 1872 (says 11 Aug 1917), Corporation labourer, widower. There is a piece of cellotape across the birth dates and they are hard to read.
  7. Moirahyde

    Family tree locations and names

    What are your parents names, and do you know your mother's maiden name?
  8. Moirahyde

    Verdon street, pitsmoor

    Arthur's sister Beatrice M. (May) whose birth was registered in the March quarter of 1920, was actually born at the end of 1919 at Dronfield, so the birth was not registered until 1920. There is a marriage in the December quarter of 1940 in Sheffield, Beatrice M. Browes to Thomas Paget. There is then a birth registration in the June quarter of 1941 in Sheffield of a Malcolm Paget, mothers maiden name is Browes. I have checked the 1911 census and the family are at number 2. Number 7 has one middle aged female living there. Perhaps she moved out soon after and your family moved in.
  9. Moirahyde

    Verdon street, pitsmoor

    Here is the 1911 census entry. 2 Alexandra Road, Dronfield, Dby. Willam James Browes, head, 26yrs, Spade & shovel plater, born Dronfield. Elizabeth Browes, wife, 23yrs, born Lescoe/Lesker? Yks. George William Browes, son, 5yrs, born Dronfield. Arthur Browes, son, 2yrs, born Dronfield. John George Draycott, Brother-in-Law, 25yrs, labourer coalmin above ground, born Normanton, Yks. James Levi Draycott, Brother-in-Law, 17yrs, labourer coal mine above ground, born Dronfield, Marriage, 7 August 1905, St John the Baptist, Dronfield. William James Browes, 20yrs, father-James Edward Outram Browes. Elizabeth Draycott, 18yrs, father-John George Draycott. These are the birth registrations I have found where the mothers maiden name is Draycott. (From 'FreeBMD'). It gives the quarter the birth was registered and the place. Arthur Browes, Dec Q 1908, Chesterfield. Lily Browes, June Q 1912, Chesterfield. James E. Browes, Sep Q 1914, Chesterfield. Stanley Browes, Dec Q 1915, Chesterfield. Beatrice M. Browes, Mar Q 1920, Chesterfield. Albert Browes, Dec Q 1921. Chesterfield. Ronald Browes, Sep Q 1925, Sheffield. Fred Browes, June Q 1933, Sheffield. Is your father in the above list?
  10. Moirahyde

    Verdon street, pitsmoor

    1939 register, 62 Verdon Street, Sheffield. William J. Browes, born 22 Oct 1884, Inapacitated, married. Elizabeth Browes, born 28 May 1888, domestic duties, married. Stanley Browes, born 11 Nov 1915, Spade and shovel general labourer, single. Albert Browes, born 26 Oct 1921, Fruit carter, single. James E. Browes, born 30 June 1914, Engineer maintenance fitter, married. Edith Browes, born 12 June 1910, domestic duties, married. William J. Wright, born 14 Jan 1875, Firewood hawker, widower. (Four records are closed). 1901 census, 130 Sheffield Road, Dronfield, Dby. James Browes, head, mar, 41yrs, Spade & shovel plater, born Dronfield, Dby. Elizabeth A. Browes, wife, 39yrs, born Redruth, Cornwall. WILLIAM J. Browes, son, 16yrs, Spade & shovel heater, born Dronfield. George E. Browes, son, 10yrs, born Dronfield. Albert Browes, son, 7yrs, born Dronfield. Ada Browes, dau, 6yrs, born Dronfield. Harold Browes, son, 3yrs, born Dronfield. Fred Browes, son, 1yr, born Dronfield. Evelyn Browes, dau, 13yrs, born Dronfield. By 1911 this family are still at the same address, Elizabeth is now a widow and her sons George Edward, Albert, Harold, Fred and Samuel aged 8yrs are with her.
  11. Moirahyde

    Judith broomhead

    In the 2002 electoral registers, there is a Judith A. Lomas living at 41 Frickley Road, Sheffield, S11 7EX. Her age guide is given as 65+. although the age guides are not always reliable. She appears to be living alone. Frickley Road is quite close to Whitley Woods.
  12. Moirahyde

    Hallamshire Harriers Allford cup

    Star Green Un, 9 October 1909. Hallamshire's New Cup. Mr George Allford the proprieter of the Royal George Hotel, Cricket Road, has presented the champions with a cup. Like the good sportsman that he is, he attached no conditions whatever to the gift, but left it in the hands of the club, who have decided to put it up for an eight-miles scaled handicap, to be run on Boxing Day from Mr Allfords.
  13. Moirahyde

    Empire garage Sheffield

    Star Green-Un, 5 November 1955. (Advertisement). Room Urgently Wanted 10 days special offer £15 cash or terms EMPIRE GARAGE (Prop. R. G. Donald) Tel: 53996. 148 Machon Bank (opp. The Abbeydale Cinema). Above the above ad is another with a list of cars for sale. Ford Prefect £350. Sunbeam Talbot £610. Morris Minor £365. Vanguard Estate £385. Hillman Estate £295. Austin Pick-Up £295. Open 10am - 8pm, 4pm weekend.
  14. An article in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 18 May 1950 states that he crashed at Todwick, near Sheffield. Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 7 June 1950. Resumed inquest. The coroners court was held at Swallownest and a member of the R.A.F. witnessed the crash.
  15. Hi Hillsbro/Sally, Birth registration, Mar Q 1930, Mary Parrott, mothers maiden name Dutton, Sheffield. 1939 register, 1/2 Bedford Street, Sheffield. Beatrice Dutton, born 21 Mar 1884, Tailoress, married. Frederick Dutton, born 8 Apr 1915, Hairdresser, single. Beatrice Parrott (Bramwell), born 1 Mar 1904, domestic duties, Widow. Two records closed. I presume the two closed records are Mary and Ena. Beatrice Parrott married Ernest Bramwell, Sep Q 1940. Ena Parrott married James Homer, 21 March 1959 at St. Vincent's, Sheffield. Notes: Mixed religion. Ena gives her fathers name as Ernest. One of the witnesses was Pamela Bramwell. Pamela Bramwell, birth Mar Q 1941, mmn Dutton, Sheffield. So presume she is the daughter of Beatrice and her second husband Ernest Bramwell. Pamela Bramwell married Raymond Clifton Sep Q 1963 in Sheffield. They appear to have had four children. Sharron 1965, Joanne 1966, Raymond Gary 1969 and Janine 1973.

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