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  1. Mick at PhoenixX is a very reliable and good builder and is based over at your end of town. 07449 833298
  2. I would take mac up on his offer to quote, if his references on here alone are anything to go by he is highly sought after. With regards to your original plasterer I would agree that he should have checked and double checked as to who was doing the perpetration work. Some clients want you to do the whole job, some clients want to do as much as they can themselves in order to lower the overall cost. These things should be discussed during the quoting process so as not to result in the confusion you describe.
  3. I think it may be what geared said... Double check the rubber washers are there and in place correctly before you do anything else.
  4. Yes it's Colin, a big well done to rain rescue for doing all they can for this poor boy. I have been checking their site and Facebook page for updates. He's in safe hands now!
  5. People looking for tradesmen should do a little research on the job they require and read up on the best techniques a tradesman should use and then question the tradesman appropriately. Not all plasterers use the same process. Some vary their mixes, some do one coat some swear by 2 coats, some don't bother to wet flick the walls etc There is a technique to plastering but most people believe it to be one of those jobs just any old handyman can master if they researched it a little they would know what they required in a tradesman other than lowest price. Asking for customer references or to see the previous work of a tradesman is probably the only way to judge the level of standards.
  6. I gave my dog piriton under advice of our vet. He had very bad hayfever and it did seem to work well, it was the only way we could walk him during high pollen days. Maybe ring the vets for advice if you are unsure on dosage.
  7. I would assume if you are registered on the waiting list you bid for properties suitable for your needs. Maybe go and see someone at the housing office and see if you qualify for priority when your child turns 1years old.
  8. I also recommend you try The Printroom at Hillsborough, it's on Holme Lane. We take all our stuff to them to be embroided or printed on.
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