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  1. Depends on what profile you want for best results regards Jordan
  2. Rubber roof or fibreglass ?? Regards jordan
  3. jordan24

    Chimney Help! Rain coming in

    Happy to take a look contact Jordan on 07971073747
  4. jordan24

    Door stop barrier

    is a normal door restrictor not suitable.....maybe try aluminium window door fabricators there is cmc at hasland in chesterfield
  5. jordan24

    Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Recommendation

    can highly recomend doubletop on sheff forum
  6. Eaves guard is the product your thinking off not sure this will cure the problem the apron would need to be pretty poor in fairness but definitely an option would need to investigate further really could even be rotten fascia's but wee just speculating regards Jordan
  7. Make sure you recieve building control sign off ect with whom you choose when you fit your windows as most can fit windows and doors however some are certass or fensa registered installers (don't necessarily do the job properly or to standards they should as they self certify) and others use building control and every job is inspected others dont do either you will only realise how important this is when or if you decide to sell your house hope this helps regards Jordan
  8. would recommend you use a smaller local firm such as me to recieve the quality you desire as our livley hoods depend on it 90% of the industry are the same just get the cheques in ect and so on ... also they all use self certify schemes such as certass and fensa wich is all well and good but one in ten jobs get inspected which means 9 slip through the net unless they do something so wrong that there investigated in which most jobs will be checked however we use labc which means every job is inspected and past individually by building control most people asume that you cant use anybody who arent fensa registerded get three or more quotes take or check refrences and see who you actually feel comfortable spending your money with regards jordan@Roofnglass
  9. thanks doubletop yes we do conservatory warm roofs re-roofs flat roofs repairs and more regards Jordan
  10. jordan24

    Anti social motor bikers

    Yeah that's pretty much what thought but as Isabelle witnessed it can prove difficult for the younger riders especially at the bigger venues it's a shame really because we would never be able to rid the yobbos completely but if they were places for them maybe it wouldn't be as bad locally I mean thanks all the same for replying regards Jordan
  11. jordan24

    Anti social motor bikers

    Anyone know of anywhere they can ride legally and locally the closest places iv found are Doncaster and Scunthorpe but my lad is a beginner and is only 8 so don't want him gettin hurt or hurting someone else due to is inexperience ect and at the same time don't want to be a border line yobbo any feed back would be appreciated maybe farmers with some spare land could make a few quid
  12. Happy to quote. Free surveys and advice flat roofs pitched roofs new roofs repairs fascia soffit gutter windows doors conservatories bi-folding doors warm roofs and more...... Just give us a call.....
  13. Happy to quote regards Jordan
  14. jordan24

    Patio Door Rollers

    Happy to quote to repair or replace probably better off with replacing to be honest regards Jordan @Roofnglass 07971073747
  15. Happy to quote regards Jordan

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