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  1. You're right, your no expert. Apart from the tram lines, buildings, roads, footpaths and the bridge it'd be easy :)
  2. You needed to get your kids to try on any of the required items at Mansfield Road then order them online or at the shop. All the sizes are the same, all pinders do is put the school logos on items they buy in. Unfortunately there's always a daft wait at Peaks so trying on at the factory and ordering is always the best way.
  3. Pinders aren't generally the only supplier for schools. They are a company which has agreements with schools to use their logos (this is the case for the school my children attend). You can generally order direct from the school. You could have also ordered from pinders online and had the items delivered or visited their factory / shop on Mansfield Road to try on and order items at any point over the last 6/7 weeks. It's a bit of a stretch to blame a shop for being out of stock of an item that you could have ordered to guarantee you had them.
  4. I presume the consultation or any details on on Rotherham Councils website considering this section of the Parkway is their responsibility.
  5. What people always seem to forget is there's several schools, one of them for kids with disabilities and special needs on and near the road. Any faster speed limit might take 10 seconds of the journey. It's really not worth the hassle the speed limit changing.
  6. No speed limit signs = 30mph in built up areas. There are actually signs in the run up to the camera that don't actually need to be provided. The camera is also painted bright yellow.
  7. Pawn broker trying to make maximum amount of money / profit. It's not really that surprising.
  8. Very similar to Richardson (Sheffield) kitchen knives, now just a brand name owned by a Dutch company. "Assembled in Sheffield" no doubt from pieces made elsewhere.
  9. I go once a week to drop off, then pick up later in the day and have never been stuck in a queue of 20 - 30 cars. Maybe I'm just lucky every week. The main problem with the drop off point is people waiting to pick up, which isn't what it's for.
  10. It's a shame more plastics aren't recycled but they seem to just want plastic bottles and are happy just to burn everything else at the incinerator.
  11. It's not for general plastic unfortunately, so yes you should have put the polystyrene and bags in the black bin.
  12. Yes, I have on a regular basis and I've never had a problem that a little bit of foresight and planning hadn't solved. There's a huge multi story car park that's free for dropping off and picking up, the actual station drop off point works well if people do just drop off and not sit there like lemons waiting for others to arrive. That's what the short stay car park and multi story are there for. There was a large consultation exercise at the time the work was done to improve the area. You must have missed it.
  13. Why? A public square with a significant art installation is a great thing to have at the station. There's plenty of places to easily drop off and pick up without the whole area being over run with cars and traffic. the drop off point and road used to run almost straight past the station entrance and it was a nightmare. Especially as a pedestrian.
  14. If you've reported it to the council their contractor should visit and make the steps safe.
  15. Aren't the "lifts" on the wagons are different for the different size bins.
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