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  1. The Police helicopter was circling over Handsworth from 3am to gone 4am this morning. Anyone know what was happening?
  2. I went to Blackstock Rd on Saturday and was told that the dispute wasn't resolved and that they would be striking again from Christmas until resolved.
  3. Happy to hear that the police will act, but as you say the dogs will be have to be destroyed. It's a pity that only a fine will be issued to the owner, not a custodial sentence.
  4. So, so sorry to hear this sad news. I live in Handsworth, so will spread the word among my dog owning neighbours.
  5. Thanks for that advice, I'll try that now.
  6. Hi. Thanks. The problems also when I use the on/off on the tv and on the sky remote as well aa the tv remote. Running out of ideas really.
  7. I've got a 37 inch Bush LCD TV (model no LCD37TV07HD) which is getting really difficult to switch on from standby. It can sometimes take 15-20 minutes of pressing the on/off switch before I get a picture. Anyone had similar problems and can help?
  8. I've used all the daily deal sites for hairdressing and only had good experiences so far.
  9. A bit of both for me. Like to do some research online to get some ideas and then look to buy locally.
  10. Born and bred in Woodseats 60 years, except for a year living in Canada. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
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