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  1. So it is good news. I wonder if the bylaws have changed?
  2. I thought they was a bylaw preventing the this from happening? It is about time we had a pub in Fulwood! I have checked this out. I think you will find that the Fulwood in question is in Lancashire!!
  3. A large and very healthy plant is growing in my garden which wasn't there last year. I have shown the picture to a garden centre who suggested this forum. How do I put the picture on from my iPod?
  4. Thanks, Hecate. It was nothing like the Old Lady but nearer to the Peppered Moth. However, I would have to say that it was larger than specified here, probably 3 to4 inches...60 to 70 mm. If I had realised at the time how difficult it would be to identify it I would have taken a picture! The mystery lives on.
  5. I didn't expect such a wealth of comment. This is classic! Thank you, even if my question has yet to be answered!
  6. Thanks, Levisage, but I'm afraid it looked nothing like that and exactly like the Black Witch Moth filmed in Florida on Youtube. The wings were full and roundly shaped, not split like the Google images you have shown. Also the body was slim. We'll have to think again...
  7. A large black moth flew into the house yesterday evening. I thought it was a bat, at first, but it was a moth...about 3 inches across. I caught it and set it free. I have tried to identify it today and the nearest I can find is the Black Witch Moth. However, this is a native of North America! Any ideas? Could it have escaped from a moth/butterfly farm locally?
  8. Thanks. I'll have to set off by car...eeek! two grandchildren and our daughter to put on the train. Wake up, Gritters, please!
  9. Are the buses running? I need to get the London train at 10.27 this morning!! Just because it is Sunday they haven't gritted the roads round here at all. Fulwood Road is completely white.
  10. However old the thread is there are always people, like me, looking for advice on new bathrooms. This is how I have come back into the Sheffield Forum.
  11. Sorry..you say message 112....we are only on message 36. Where is 112 to be found? I know it is a bit late. Have I misunderstood?
  12. The only Economic Strategy for Sheffield I can find online dates from 2004 and states exactly the opposite, ie: that Sheffield is the third fastest growing economy in Yorkshire and Humberside, that investment is high and that thousands of jobs are being created every year. Is there a more up-to-date one to be found?
  13. I agree. But, their working conditions are appalling. Management is trying to cut costs and they often have to sort and then do their round. Our postman starts at 5.45 and doesn't get to us until about 1.30pm. Jobs are being axed, leaving existing postmen working long shifts and getting exhausted and stressed out. I know you wanted a positive slant to this thread and I can't praise our postmen's cheerful demeanour enough, either. However, they do need our support to maintain good working conditions for the furure.
  14. Has anyone had experience of this firm on Abbeydale Road? They seem very competent and we are looking for a new kitchen.
  15. Are the authorities aware of what is happening in the park? Is anyone responsible for patrolling the park? Does anyone with jurisdiction ever walk through to check that the notices are being respected? Endcliffe Park is growing more and more popular and yet it is quite a small park for the number of people who use it. The cyclists, loose dogs and dog mess can be a health and safety issue, especially when older folk or young children are concerned. I have seen a dog worrying the water birds in the pond near the café for over half an hour because its owner couldn't get it to come out of the water. No lead on, of course. Hopefully, something can be done to ensure that all park users adhere to the safety notices before any damage is done either to people or animals in the park.
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