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  1. Most 16 year old are into there phone and music, how about an iPod shuffle there about £40 and most teenagers seem to love them! Or Tickets to the next big game playing, that's if his into football Last resort is some new trainers, that is all that I can think of. Goodluck
  2. you clearly don't have an iPhone 5 that's why you clearly don't know how much its worth!
  3. It could simply mean that his worried about you and your well being as your quite in the group at work, this may just be your personality and how your actually like, it doesn't mean you need to change yourself, be who you are, if your quite then that's you, he wouldn't have hired you in the interview if her thought you were incapable of fulfilling your job!
  4. For those that do have an iPhone and if its lost or stolen this is a great way to find out who is the victim if it was me, I would want to know who stole or has my phone after all it is worth £500!!
  5. I prefer going out into the shop and seeing the goods before buying, usually because online shopping has been a nightmare for me the sizes have come out wrong, colour has come out different with clothing items. And plus you have some one off offers in store!
  6. It would be between £150 - £175 Try Scrap A Car For Cash Go to scrapacarforcash dot co dot uk Because they dont let me put the web address on for some odd reason
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