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  1. I’ll second German Auto Centre great staff and service with very reasonable prices
  2. Fox Hill area, like all places it has its problems but certainly better than a lot of other areas in Sheffield
  3. Mary Margret and Muriel I think. Mary and Margret were there when I was Muriel if I remember her name properly had left many years before and settled in Norwich, I still see Mary although I haven’t for a while walking down to her allotment.
  4. I worked there for 3 and a half years after leaving school in 1992 , I still like the smell of the factory when I’m in Hillsborough .
  5. How old were you when you had your accident , if you don’t mind me asking .
  6. Technical rescue unit was disbanded it based at Edlington in Doncaster now .
  7. Sounds like a sensor problem to me, do you use supermarket petrol ?
  8. Do Ofo honestly think that the threat of private prosecution is going to make a difference ? They are way off the mark, the scrotes doing it have no respect for rules and laws in the slightest .
  9. You could always buy alchohol you just couldn't take it to the gaming tables, it had to be consumed in the bar area .
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