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  1. Mary Margret and Muriel I think. Mary and Margret were there when I was Muriel if I remember her name properly had left many years before and settled in Norwich, I still see Mary although I haven’t for a while walking down to her allotment.
  2. I worked there for 3 and a half years after leaving school in 1992 , I still like the smell of the factory when I’m in Hillsborough .
  3. How old were you when you had your accident , if you don’t mind me asking .
  4. Technical rescue unit was disbanded it based at Edlington in Doncaster now .
  5. Sounds like a sensor problem to me, do you use supermarket petrol ?
  6. Do Ofo honestly think that the threat of private prosecution is going to make a difference ? They are way off the mark, the scrotes doing it have no respect for rules and laws in the slightest .
  7. You could always buy alchohol you just couldn't take it to the gaming tables, it had to be consumed in the bar area .
  8. The one off Meadow Bank Road ? The name Green Bricks comes from the fact the wall under the window is made from green bricks I think.
  9. I also recommend stitch it on Holme Lane
  10. Yes they are both owned by the same owners .
  11. Peregrine Falcon , lost last Friday near Stanage Edge / redmires , has leather jesses and a bell on one ankle , also has a tail mounted transmitter . Could be just as easily say on a garage roof in Sheffield as flying around the moors , please PM me or text on 07748806265 , thanks . This has been reposted by me on behalf of my friend who's Peregrine has gone missing, he has had positive calls but unfortunately none were his bird, please continue to keep an eye out for his Peregrine, cheers .
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