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  1. Thankyou. He really is a complete pudding xx
  2. A more recent one of him and Aggie xx
  3. A quick update on my little "baby" Igor.... Hes an absolute sweetheart which is a good job cos he is absolutely huge (even tho he thinks hes a lap dog and insists on sitting on your knee or sleeping on top of you in bed) Hes around 17 months old now and this pic was taken a month ago xx
  4. He does!!! They look so much like each other dont they? We met Bear earlier this year when the breeders held their annual leonberger funday!! Xx
  5. We have a new addition to the family and he's the fluffiest cuddliest little bear ever!! Meet Igor https://www.instagram.com/lyndix40/p/BojXKkpHyCJ/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=7wdidwke17gr
  6. I believe it was a stabbing, don't know any more than that x
  7. How sad, my heart goes out to her family xx
  8. Aggie is now bigger than Bruce, going on 50kg.....she's a big lady and still growing lol x
  9. Oi mister kiddick!!!! Missed ya mate! x
  10. Hi mate, unfortunately these are normal after this type of surgery, and sometimes dosn't go at all. My lad has suffered with this for years and they say theres nothing can be done. Ask to see a different ent consultant if you are not happy with what they are telling you. Sometimes you just need to get the right one to spot something. Write a list of all the questions you want answers to and don't leave until they are answered. Sometimes the facial nerve can get knocked or bruised during surgery so that should be temporary(if they had damaged it they would have told you). Really hope your hubby makes a good recovery. Please keep us posted on how you get on Lynne x ---------- Post added 10-05-2017 at 07:25 ---------- I hope you're right medusa cos I really don't think he can do it again And thankyou for your kind words xx ---------- Post added 11-05-2017 at 09:55 ---------- Was very ill yesterday, got rushed to hallamshire. Being violently sick, high temperature, grey coloured, pain. Was not in good shape. Home at minute but got to keep a close eye on him in case signs of infection or csl leak show x
  11. Thanks silly, I will let you know how it goes. Hope you are keeping well xx ---------- Post added 05-05-2017 at 06:24 ---------- Quick update. The op went really well, 7 hours of surgery and the lad looks like he's been in a wrestling match with a crocodile but all very neat.he has drains in his head to stop a build up of blood and any infection behind the graft. He has been an absolute star, much braver than I ever could be, i am so proud of him. Lets hope this stops the bloody disease!! X
  12. Lads operation at Birmingham on Thursday....not looking forward to this one x
  13. Appalling that this has happened happydaddy, keep at them and at them about the move. You need your lad in a place you have confidence in. Really hope he gets well soon mate Take care x
  14. Can't help you.... but that is so cool!!! I have my grandads old soldiers book, all his details of where he was etc... I love it!! X
  15. Hi SILLY, thank you for your kind words. He is not handling things too well at the minute, but we are all rallying around him, trying to take his mind off it while we wait and hoping this op will be the last one x How are you doing? Have you had a nice Christmas and new year? Xx
  16. So here we go again!! My lads ear has been leaking and infected ever since the mastoid obliteration and lateral temporal bone resection he had last March. There is a hole in the graft and fat that was grafted into the cavity is leaking out. He is in constant pain. Numerous antibiotics and procedures to try and seal the graft and bring the infection under control have failed. He is now on the list for more major surgery. His Mastoid obliteration with blind sac closure using rotation temporoparietal fascia flap will take Place around March. A much bigger operation than the last one as they will be going over the top of his head and taking living tissue from the other side of his skull to fill the cavity (instead of fat), as it will have its own blood supply, they hope this will be enough to fight off any infection and give the area time to heal. We have all got our fingers crossed that this is successful and the final one for him! Xx
  17. Ahhh sorry mate, I managed to get someone to take it out for me xx
  18. Thanks guys! Aggie is doing really well, already mixing with all the other doggies in graves park, very confident and absolutely idolised Bruce! Lol x
  19. Oooo i miss alex3659 n the one n only Mr donkiddick, they used to have me in stitches! X
  20. You just can't stay away can you? Lol x ---------- Post added 22-10-2016 at 14:59 ---------- Am still here, don't post much now tho.....but I am a regular peeper
  21. New addition to the madhouse....Agatha aka 'Aggie! The little leonberger' She's the cutest little furball ever. Bruce is the perfect big bro for her, but he better make the most of it cos soon she'll be bigger than him soon x
  22. Hi, is there anywhere in south Yorkshire that will remove and buy a hoist which is fitted to a car? I have just got a new Car and it has a hoist fitted in the boot. The hoist has was fitted 2 years ago but has never been used. The suppliers say they will remove it for a fee but don't want to buy it. Any advice appreciated Lynne x
  23. Exactly what mike84 said.......don't ever shave your Gsd. Lots of brushing, plenty on shade and water, hose him down if he likes it to cool him off x
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