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  1. hi dors i was born in 1941 so i am a little older then you and i think linda gill was the same age as me.five years difference in those days seemed a lot. when i started work at 15 you would have been only 10.by for now
  2. hi dors i used to go courting with a girl off botham st they called her linda gill she was a twin she worked at dewires at the bottom of spital hill. can you remember a girl called mavis parnell she lived out that way
  3. well i am doing ok we never used to call them by there first names we used to call them both twin that way we didnt have to make a mistake who we were talking to wish them all well for me
  4. hi tommy i remember your mum irene your uncle cherry worked at wigfalls on spital hill for many years.if you see any of them i think they will remember me
  5. if you are janet lavell i definately remember you small dark haired young girl did you go to all saints school or ellesmere rd i spent many hours on sutherland rd playground opposite keyser ellisons canteen.we used to go to the swimming baths it cost us 2 pence and a bath ticket.
  6. hi,dors i do remember john onions i think he went to a grammer school i went to burgreave as i send this e-mail its snowing her bet its not snowing where you are. i am in touch with janet lavell through the sheffield forum i think she was jeff lavells sister there was also little stan lavell.my names jim walker i lived at the bottom of clun rd
  7. hi janet i do remember you if you remeber elaine rawson you will know melvyn her brother hi used to sing like elvis and won a load of talent competions down at the lacarno i am there cousin i lived at the bottom of clun rd i think you used to hang out with a girl i was dating called ann fenwick she lived near you on harleston st .and i think we danced together i used to dance at the youth club with a lovely girl who had red hair they called her val howells she lived at the top of sutherland rd
  8. harold snape, trevor gostello and ernest twigg were my mates we used to go to the co-op dancing at the frechville and lacarno.stan lavill lived on sutherland rd. my names jim walker what was your brothers name. do you remember any of these girls janet ross, anita guest,margeret adams,elain rawson all from round this area
  9. hi dors you are right it was mr arbour we used to play hand ball in the bottom hall i used to love the xmas times there me and my mate johnny bowden sang one xmas we sang meet me on the corner it was recorded by max bygaves a lad called dave shaw also sang one of david whitfields songs he was good
  10. i am 71 now we used to go on pub crawls round pitsmoor. the gower arms was my local we used too play in the burngreave social league at darts, dominoes,crib. bunny baxter used to be the chairman he went in the ellsmere harry barton was another old person who ran it from the teapot. you must remember the gale family terry was a friend of mine
  11. hi do you remember the lady who help in the kitchen her name was mrs kitchen i thought she was called that because she worked in the kitchen she lived on andover st just below where peter stringfellow lived.some people i remember danny fairweather, alic howells,melvyn rawson, alf and eric renshaw,john bowden,arleen owen,val howells. ---------- Post added 07-02-2013 at 16:12 ---------- just a thought about the south family.they lived just up ditchingham st opposite mrs mills corner shop. i remember cherry south and the twins and there sisters. my name is jim everybody called me little jimmy walker i lived at the bottom of clun rd my mother was always out walking the dog she was small too
  12. i remember that jazz band i think jean piggot was a small young lady with black curly hair i think she used to be incharge of the girls. do you remember the friday night dances in the bottom hall and playing football in ellesmere school play ground and a lot of the older members used to go down for a drink at the ellesmere pub for the last half hour. do you remember big dave shaw he was a good table tennis player.
  13. does anybody remember les pugh he was leader at ellesmere youth club in the fifties early sixties
  14. yes they had a shop on spital hill we all used to get our wallpaper from there there was also one in the hole in the ground in the middle of town
  15. hi david weston dont remember the bread van but do remember a young lad getting killed while sitting on the railings outside john heaths and the albion pub a motor bike and sidecar ran away down andover st and bounced on top of him veronica always had a light coloured trench coat on and very little underneath do you remember the junk shop on sutherland rd near the swimming baths i bet you lived near the howells family
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