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  1. Maybe I'm getting old because 2013 doesn't seem that long ago at all! Anyway hope you've found some useful contributions
  2. Thank you all for your input and suggestions! ---------- Post added 18-02-2014 at 21:45 ---------- Reminds me of an episode of Desperate Housewives. Lynette had separated from Tom for a few months, on their wedding anniversary she got some lovely flowers from him, she was really happy and called to thank him, he said "I'm so sorry I forgot to cancel the standing order at the florist set up years ago." Ouch!
  3. Hi I am doing a bit of market research would be grateful for some input no wind ups please I do gift baskets and would like to get away from the traditional aftershaves etc and things with sports themes for gents. I'm looking for ideas on new themes and items and wanted to know what you would like to receive as gifts (up to £100) Thank you all for your help in advance.
  4. Thank you Zak for your reply. I may have left it a bit late for this year so I have decided to get involved with one of the initiatives that's already happening. I still plan to do it for next year as I don't think the situation will have improved, unfortunately.
  5. Have a look at the blog of Boho weddings. She has a lot of lovely DIY ideas, and the owner is from Sheffield!
  6. Are you on twitter? I get request sometimes on twitter to donate charity auction prizes. Post a link of your facebook page, its a fantastic idea with already lots happening. Theres no reason why local companies won't support, especially if theres acknowledgment of their contribution. Good luck!
  7. Hi I have an idea for a short youtube film which I hope will encourage people to give to foodbanks before Christmas. I have no budget but may be able to get small donations to cover cost. As this needs to go live at least a week before Christmas everything needs to be done asap, i'd like the film to have a professional feel to it and would love to hear from anyone with experience/ideas. if you are interested please PM me for more details. the film would need 2 main actors, a woman(mum) in her 20s-30s and a boy (son) around 10 years. many thanks
  8. Happy Birthday SF!! Whenever I want to know what's going on, (earth quake, police activity, road closure) I can always rely on the forum to have up to date information, beats any news channel!
  9. I think your website is lovely and your products are beautiful. Will you PM me details of your photographer?
  10. I did notice some snow on Abbeydale Road (S7) this morning.
  11. We are a new business in Sheffield selling gift baskets for special occasions. Our Christmas Baskets are the Berry Christmas and Winter Sparkle. Please have a look orders now being taken. As baskets are made to order they can be personalised so just let us know your requirements.
  12. Hi have a look at WEEBLY if it's just basic easy to use website you're looking for.
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