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  1. The Cannon hall was just across the road from the cottages next to the Sunbeam cinema. It became a pub in the fifties which was demolished recently to make way for a tesco!!! Thanks for the Library and pavillion pics. I spent many happy times there.
  2. Yes they were called the Cannon Hall cottages- Even the Cannon hall is gone now of course! Crying shame. it was lovely in its day- tennis courts, orchard, stream through the gardens. Now its Tesco and my home is just a patch of grass with a few trees. - ---------- Post added 05-10-2015 at 11:13 ---------- That last link was awful. Not seen it before heartbreaking to see such a lovely place reduced to a tip like that.
  3. Dr Pettigrew was our family doctor in the 50's then I remember Dr Maher took over. Don't remember a Ridgeway though. ---------- Post added 02-10-2015 at 21:12 ---------- Ah- we knew the Firvale Creamery as THE Dairy.. the owner called me Jenny wren when I went in to spend my pocket money or for my dads tobacco. Can't remember his name though- he always wore a brown warehouse coat- just like Arkwright! ---------- Post added 02-10-2015 at 21:17 ---------- I remember my mom took me in there for breakfast sometimes- usually scrambled egg on toast! When I got older Dad said I should never go there in the evenings because all the teddy boys hung out there with their flick knives and bicycle chains!! ---------- Post added 02-10-2015 at 21:22 ---------- The Sunbeam was at Firvale next to the new Tesco- became a petrol station when they pulled it down. Sad cos it was a great cinema I lived across the road in one of four cottages which also got demolished a few years later-- even more sad!!!
  4. Does anyone know of a car rally or similar event taking place in the area today? I was walking along Queens road at lunch time when a red racer whizzed by all the other cars down the middle of the road in the direction of the city centre. It was too fast for me to identify but it pulled in a couple of blocks down so I thought I would be able to look it over then- but a few seconds later two white cars whipped down with exhausts throbbing. Immediately the red car pulled out into the outside lane so the two white cars came up to the lights behind it. It appeared that the red car had been waiting for the other two to catch up. In the next few seconds at least six more sporty looking cars roared by including an orange Carrerra. God knows what speed these cars were doing but it was too far beyond the speed limit to be safe.One maniac with a souped up motor is one thing but a dozen of them has to be more than a coincidence doesn't it?
  5. I can understand it thanks-- I guess mine must be one of the troublesome cheap ones you mention!!!! Its been a pain since I got it really but I picked it because I liked the layout--Fridge at the top- and it was the right size. When I first started having trouble with it the guy in the Shop told me to defrost it so that when I learnt- frost free didn't mean no defrosting! However I have recently defrosted it so wouldn't have thought it needed doing again so soon. It takes ages to defrost as well at least 24 hours - the guy in the shop told me to leave it off for 4days!!! The freezer is full again now so I cant really do that again. I have now got it turned back down to 2 and there is still frost and ice forming on the back wall but so far the drain is still clear but there is no sign of it automatically defrosting itself-blooming thing!! I had a quote for £120 for an engineer to come and look at it- half as much as the thing cost and simply not worth it I'm afraid. Thanks for your advice - I will consider taking the hairdryer to it if it gets any worse!!
  6. My fridge is playing up in the middle of heat wave!! It is about 5years old fridge over freezer. When I first got it the freezer fan wasn't working so I had to get someone out straight away. Two years ago it started freezing up blocking the drain and then defrosting water under the salad drawer. I visited t Comet and they told me to turn the setting UP! I was still having problems so I called an engineer he and he told me that even though it was supposed to be frost free it needed defrosting and leaving off for 4days!! I did that and although still freezing up and defrosting at odd times I have coped with it but now it is really going haywire. It has been running ok set at 2 but then it started icing up , getting blocked and flooding the bottom of the fridge again so I turned the control up to 5. Seemed ok for a day but my soft fruit and cucumber have frozen and are ruined and the drain is blocked solid with ice again.! Am I doing something wrong or is the thermostat busted?
  7. I bought a new TV for the switchover. I live in a block with a communal aerial so the council took care of changing that. I got a splitter to run a cable up to my portable tv in the bedroom which operated via a digi-box. Suddenly a couple of months ago the upstairs tv stopped working. The channel information box appears at the bottom of the screen showing signal strength but there is no picture or sound on any channel. when I try to re-tune nothing is found. I tried unplugging everything and starting again with no luck. Now the new tv downstairs keeps turning itself off in the middle of a programe! I click it back on via the remote ok but it is very frustrating! Can any body tell me what is causing these glitches. I never had any trouble with the analogue but the digital Tv seems to be a pain in the butt-- needing to be re-tuned, losing signal, losing information on the program guide and having subtitles that stick , jump and make no sense!
  8. Don't washing machines have a 'Start' button these days then? call it what you will it does not stay pressed in when I let go of it!! and I am not on a water meter-- Would not entertain paying for what no-one owns!! (I pay water rates for the service provided but not for the water.)
  9. The ignition button on my elderly washer will not stay in-- hence as soon as I let go the programme cuts out. Does any one know if this is a simple thing to fix-- someone has suggested that this is a safety feature signifying an underlying electrical fault!? Any ideas at how much it will take to fix or should I be looking to buy a new machine?
  10. The council fitted me a new heating system in the spring and now I am freezing!The radiator in the hall has no controls so I cannot turn it down or off. The thermostat is also in the hall so has soon as the hall gets hot it turns off the heating even though the lounge is still not warm. I asked about the hall radiator having no controls when it was being fitted and I was told it had to be like that! Can anyone tell my why or am I the only one that thinks this is pretty stupid?
  11. It is not a tax!! It is simply a reduction in benefit payments. There are lots of injustices in the benefits system including- why should people get things they don't need paid for out of other peoples taxes? This will help address that injustice, by ensuring that people only occupy property they can afford to pay for. IT is hard to have to give up a home you have grown attached to but when all is said and done it belongs to the council and if you cannot afford to pay the rent, you are being subsidised to live there. Getting benefits for the essentials of life is one thing but spare rooms are a luxury that could be put to better use by a larger family who need a home. Most imigrants are housed in private rented accommodation rather than Council properties by the way so they have very little to do with the housing shortage. It is more to do with Sheffield Council running the stock down for so many years that it has been fit for nothing but demolition!
  12. I have a pasting table and a load of odds and ends - mini vac, shoes, jewellery, bric a brac etc for £15 if anyone is interested send me a personal message.
  13. Who do you know that got raped/mugged or otherwise attacked walking in the woods by Blackstock Road? I've been doing it for the last six years without any fear of trouble! I've eaten in the New Inn a few times without complaint as well. How long is it since you tried it, maybe it was an off day? Just had a nice walk in Burngreave area as well- Up Orphanage Road and through Roe woods and back, then through Abbeyfield park, Burngreave cemetery,Osgathorpe Park and round Crabtree Pond.
  14. get the tram to herdings terminus-- and take a walk round Herdings park. Then cross the road and walk down hill through the woods into Gleadless valley. 7 woods in total so loads to explore but if you go straight downand through the underpass under Blackstock road and continue through passed Bankwood school you can turn left across the meadows and up the hill by the golf course to Norton and the New Inn which does nice food and is only a short walk from Graves park. Other paths will take you to Bishops house, or Meersbrook park-- or carry on the bottom path and explore Heeley. The woods end at Cat lane but walk down Gleadless Road to the co-op and turn left, cross the crossing to the medical centre and follow the path by the side of it there is a lovely little park, then across Gleadless Road is a secret garden with picnic area by the entrance to Annes Road school. Carry on down to the millenium park with Heeley city farm opposite. There are a couple of nice pubs down the hill from the park, or if you carry on under the bridge to London road and turn right Langtons Antique centre has a nice cafe and if you are into antiques straight opposite there is Broadfield road which has three antiques centres on it and leads up to Abbeydale Road which is a haven for antiques and second and shops. I can also recomend the walk from the end of Middlewood Park through Beeley woods to Oughtibridge where there is Coronation Park just across the road and a nice cafe - and pubs up in the villiage. Any other area you fancy just ask?
  15. 'mimimorkin' was what people did from a distance-- exagerated, silent speech and hand waving trying to convey a message from a passing bus for example!
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