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  1. Three actually. Two upstairs & one down. Not so long ago there were four. The cafe around the corner on Fitzwilliam Gate, now The Cabin, belonged to Atkinsons.
  2. For what it's worth we had something similar with our current house in the Peak District. We bought it on the understanding that it was freehold but then, after living there for a year or so, we received a hand-scrawled note through the post demanding payments for unpaid Chief Rent. Our solicitor suggested we pay it as the amounts were relatively small, which we did. After a while the demands dried up and so did our payments. We suspect this was some ancient arrangement which is no longer upheld by the law once the person has died.
  3. He'll be teaming up with Edgar Froese to create some heavenly tunes 😎
  4. So you'll all not be watching next week then? Personally I enjoyed it, from an educational standpoint. Don't think it was ever intended to be a period drama. The juxtaposition of old & new helps to emphasise what we all take for granted nowadays.
  5. I seem to remember living at no. 219 (or thereabouts) - there was a bus-stop right outside anyway - and the shop was on the corner just above our house.
  6. Yes thanks. I'm reminded of a corner shop up Ellesmere Road above Burngreave in the late 70's which seemed to sell absolutely everything. My house-mate at the time (we were in student digs, a long way out) thought it was great that they sold jars of sauerkraut which up until then he'd only ever seen in Germany!
  7. Follows the Ardern family through 100 years of keeping a corner shop in Sheffield. Does anyone know whereabouts it's being filmed?
  8. Brill! Thanks for that. Been travelling down memory lane for the last two hours!
  9. Likewise John Lewis in the city centre.
  10. For what it's worth we drove from Macclesfield to Sheffield and back on Friday without any problems. Normally we do the Whaley, Chapel route but instead went over the Cat & Fiddle to Buxton and then onto the A6 to just above Chapel, then onto the A623 to Sparrowpit and then over to Winnats, Castleton etc. We expected it to take longer but it didn't - an hour each way.
  11. Apologies for my "sensational" post. I was just so gobsmacked when I read the article. A response to the Wildlife Trust post asks the key question: " …… why are police helping these criminal gamekeepers? A quick search shows that these wildlife abusers are routinely killing all sorts of protected wildlife on the moors. But saying that, very few of these gamekeepers are ever prosecuted. I wonder why?" And isn't it illegal to obstruct members of the public from leaving a car park on land that doesn't belong to you?
  12. Police aided masked thugs to harass & intimidate walkers on Sheffield nature reserve! https://twitter.com/WildSheffield/status/1098998604713340929
  13. Nice one Kate. They are often reported down in Millhouses so you may have a small group of them local to that side of town.
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