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  1. For what it's worth we drove from Macclesfield to Sheffield and back on Friday without any problems. Normally we do the Whaley, Chapel route but instead went over the Cat & Fiddle to Buxton and then onto the A6 to just above Chapel, then onto the A623 to Sparrowpit and then over to Winnats, Castleton etc. We expected it to take longer but it didn't - an hour each way.
  2. Apologies for my "sensational" post. I was just so gobsmacked when I read the article. A response to the Wildlife Trust post asks the key question: " …… why are police helping these criminal gamekeepers? A quick search shows that these wildlife abusers are routinely killing all sorts of protected wildlife on the moors. But saying that, very few of these gamekeepers are ever prosecuted. I wonder why?" And isn't it illegal to obstruct members of the public from leaving a car park on land that doesn't belong to you?
  3. Police aided masked thugs to harass & intimidate walkers on Sheffield nature reserve! https://twitter.com/WildSheffield/status/1098998604713340929
  4. Nice one Kate. They are often reported down in Millhouses so you may have a small group of them local to that side of town.
  5. What time does she finish and where's the best place to see them?
  6. A gathering of 7 of these birds was reported at Norwood allotments near the Northern General today.
  7. Well …. not really. The maximum recorded wingspan of a buzzard is 4 foot 8 inches. That of a Golden Eagle is 7 foot 8 inches. Every day's a school day
  8. Now the UK's commonest bird of prey according to the RSPB https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/bird-a-z/buzzard
  9. No, narrow pavements do not go well with those 4-foot-wide ClearChannel advertising screens either, yet SCC have installed them. The one on Eccy Road really is taking the <removed>.
  10. And if anywhere desperately needs a bypass Poynton surely does, especially since they introduced that 'shared space' arrangement that is totally out of place on a major access route to Stepping Hill Hospital. The number of times I've seen ambulances stuck in Poynton.
  11. Try not to take it personally. I for one am glad you posted. Nobody is denying that there are a lot of hard-working, caring and under-paid staff in the NHS who do deserve a big thank you. But the object of a forum is to provoke discussion and in this particular topic there have been both positive and not so positive comments. Surely that's good?
  12. Unfortunately your opinions of the NHS as a whole are often shaped by recent experiences at one location. My 86 year-old dad with Alzheimer's was recently admitted to the orthopaedic ward at Macclesfield Hospital. The first problem we had was when my mum was told that his dirty washing was in a tied-up bag by his bed. When she came to load the washing machine she found that he had soiled himself and the 'full load' was wrapped up in his pyjamas. The same happened again a few days later. When I consulted the hospital's operating procedures it specifically stated that all soiled linens were to be housed in a separate room and not left on the ward. A while later we made an unannounced visit one day at 11am to find the ward devoid of nurses or doctors and my dad actually having a stroke! We raised the alarm and all hell broke loose. He was then transferred to Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport where the treatment he received was second to none. We showed our appreciation to both the staff and volunteers when he was discharged some 2 months later.
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