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  1. another post from the mysterious Bowls , he knows averyone but wont say who he is. 🀐
  2. Yes there seemed to be members of the same family spead out across Grimesthorpe , people stayed in the area . Not like now . We lived in 3 houses in the area , we once moved to Page Hall but soon came back to the village. Jim.
  3. Hi Mick , i remember the ward family from when i lived at 27 Cyclops St with my parents . Before that i lived on Botham St with my parents and 2 older sisters , But who is Bowls ? πŸ˜‚ Jim Daley.
  4. Be a lot easier , if some times people said who they are , this topic is going in circles . Jim.
  5. Hi John , yes its on its way to being another housing estate , there were many ideas as to where it was going , Aldwalk ,the Enterprise park , and many others before it went to Warwick . My wife had worked in the Chemmy Lab from leaving Thomas Rotherham at 18 and got fed up with the situation and took early retirement . Shame as it was a great place. Jim.
  6. Yes i remember them well , do you remember Mrs Jacksons hair style , it was a work of art 😎 Jim.
  7. Think there must have been Allens at33 and 34 at some time or they moved across the road, its a puzzle. Jim.
  8. The Labs were on Moorgate Rd Rotherham opposite Rotherham Genral Hospital , there was a large field inside the complex that was used for sports and sitting around at lunch time . The Labs had its own social club with a bowling green and tennis courts. Nice place to work , Jim.
  9. I can remember playing football on Graves car park on Peter St .Long drop if the ball went over the back. Hope you manage to contact your pal. Jim.
  10. I thought the Hippodrome was in Barkers pool , where Cole Brothers was.
  11. Hi John , i worked at the labs from 71 to 79 , then i went to work for post office telephones as i had some training on electrical instruments while i was there. I remember the name Roy Gunstone but Alan Edwards was in charge then . When i left Roger Hooper was the Department Manager. Working at the labs was a great for me as it opened a lot of doors later in my working life . They were also Great days , Bowls and a pint at lunch , cricket on the field after work , and visiting interesting places like the ind coup brewery when we went to study trier stainless vats. Jim.
  12. Yes Bowls , she lived over the wall next to the Allens , and as i said in my message i lived at 27, bottom of the yard. Have you tried looking for their lad on Facebook as i have no recollection of him. I remember Reg Annie Norma and Lynne , before Cyclops St i lived on Botham St. Whereabouts in Grimesthorpe are you from. Didnt the Allens have a caravan ?. PS i lived on the left side as you walked up Cyclops St. Jim.
  13. Yes i remember them well , Mrs Austin once gave me a fishing reel that belonged to her husband and i still have it more than 50 yrs later. She lived over the top wall of our yard and was always looking out for someone to go to the shop for her .πŸ˜€
  14. Lots of pictures from Sheffield BT , but not seen any from Rotherham area. Jim.
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