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  1. That is the problem with this goverment, it is not for everyone, only the rich.
  2. A mate of mine had the same problem with a dog barking all day while the owners next door were out, so he went around to speak to them and come to a good arrangement, he now goes around at lunch time with a key they entrusted to him and takes the dog for a really long walk, it suits him and the dog, they both get back knackered, hence no more barking dog and it's keeping my mate fit, jobs a gooden!
  3. Quite right she wasn't a mistress, I thought he was also knocking about with Guy the Gorilla (Fergy) at the same time, my mistake.
  4. Exactly, the royals have had mistresses ect for centuries, to mention a few, Nel Gwinn, Camilla, and lets not forget Koo Stark, one of Andy Pandys earlier conquest, there's no smoke with out fire, anyhow it will probably all be settled out of court with a big back hander, usual protocol.
  5. Sick and Tired of Hearing the do gooders, if it was their Daughter concearned they would be singing to a different tune, I've just heard Idiots especially stupid women on Look North saying everything is OK he's done is time, (HALF BY THE WAY) they wouldn't say that if it happened to them, anyhow So the Message is all you Potential Rapist out there, is go and Rape any woman you want because you'll only serve 30 months, and when you come out you'll be able to just carry on with your life as per normal.
  6. Your wrong to support a club who makes a decision to reinstate a Rapist. People who commit heinous crimes are released back into society but they don't just pick up where they left off, they might do on your Planet.
  7. Your wrong, I wouldn't support a club who makes a decsicion to reinstate this Demon, who ever has the last say should think about what if it had have been my daughter who had been raped by Evans, or if Evans was a Tradesman would I want him working in my house, Ennis is right about her decision, Evans went to jail and forfitted his career when he carried out this terrible act, it's all part and Parcel of committing a shocking crime.
  8. I'm not a big fan of this show or Gary Busey but he is the only real Celeb with any real credibility and remember he is seventy and this load of nobodies are pushing and bullying him around, admitted, he does seem to be on another Planet most of the time that's because he has hearing probs and not fully up to speed with the concept of the show, it's a wonder these jealous non entities are getting away with public bullying, especially that James from Strictly come Prancing AKA the Brad Pitt of the Prancing world, he thinks" anyone can see he his seething with jealousy and comtemp for the Ex Hollywood block buster star, my advice to Gary is call on Steven Segal and Tommy Lee Jones and get this house UNDER SIEGE,
  9. Was you on Crystal Meth, things don't seem Crystal Clear.
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