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  1. After speaking to other people directly we decided not to move to that area. We just got a lot of bad feedback and comments which put us off. It may be fine but with our young son potentially growing up in that area it we weren't prepared to risk it.
  2. Thanks for the replies - not looking too promising for a family home so far. Lol Will keep looking at other properties.
  3. Hi, we are currently looking to move house for myself, wife and 14 month old son. Within our budget and for what we are after 3 bedroom semi detached, we have seen 2 properties - located in the areas of fishpond road west in woodthorpe and in darnall drive. I was just after any thoughts on what the areas are like as we currently live at the other side of Sheffield near chapeltown/ecclesfield. I have to travel to work in the city centre via public transport so thoughts on this would also be much appreciated. Many thanks
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