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  1. Hi all I'm not at all green fingered but would like to make the front garden a bit more colourful. We have some medium size containers that will be in the shade and also some that will be in the shade most of the day until early evening. Could someone please advise what would grow well in these conditions? Was looking for something with a bit of colour or something practical like herbs. Thanks!!
  2. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154238176148097&id=25941498096
  3. Hi all Has anyone used this butchers and would you recommend it? I currently order from muscle food and find their meat good quality but I now work quite close to Crashaw's and would prefer to use a local business if it's decent meat. Thanks!
  4. Was just logging on to ask similar. Heard what sounded like a low flying copper chopper but went for a nosey and saw that flying over our estate. Was gone by the time I'd grabbed my phone to take a pic. Not seen one round here before.
  5. Thanks Locksley, worth having a look at. I onky said Android as that's why my phone uses.
  6. Hi all Was wondering if someone could recommend a cheap tablet for my young son please. Was wanting an Android one as i'm used to it but am open to suggestions. Don't want to spend a lot as it'll no doubt be dropped and scratched, will only really be used for games. Thanks.
  7. Kirsty you could contact Sheffield Online on FB, they have a lot of followers. Hope your daughter is ok.
  8. http://m.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/breaking-man-charged-with-attempted-murder-after-stabbing-in-sheffield-1-7145141 Stabbing incident.
  9. Thanks handypandy and thanks butlers for your pm.
  10. Hi all After some advice please? I'm sure this is a stupid question to those who know their stuff but as you will see, I don't! Anyway we currently have a single electric oven fitted under the worktop and a gas hob. The hob and the oven are both connected to a normal socket. We now want a new oven and hob, the oven is a double oven and the company we're looking at buying from have said it needs hard wiring by an electrician. Fair enough but I don't know what this involves so not sure what to ask for them to do and wouldn't know if they were spinning me a yarn. The customer service people I spoke to at the company didn't seem that much help. So could someone advise please and if possible say roughly how much you'd expect it to cost? Hubby is currently away and I'd like to get the new oven in asap. Thanks!
  11. Hi all Has anyone recently had a front door canopy fitted, if so could you advise where to buy one locally please? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for that Kidneystone, will give it a go.
  13. Hi all Was wondering if someone could help please. My Nexus 4 has recently upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop and I'm having constant problems with it! Memory usage has gone up from 38% to 75%, apps are running slow, some aren't working at all, some only intermittently. Is it possible to restore the phone to the settings prior to the upgrade? If not is anyone else experiencing issues with it? Thanks!
  14. I've recently successfully claimed and it was all sorted within weeks. I was driving on the Parkway when a lorry in the outside lane decide to pull over into the inside lane taking the back end of my car with it. He initially admitted liability and thankfully a woman who was driving in front of me saw the aftermath (my car swerving across the lanes) she pulled up to make sure we were ok (my husband and toddler were in the car) and heard him admit liability. I contacted my car insurance to report the accident and they said we'll also inform out legal department so you can make a claim. Told them I wasn't injured (or didn't think I was) so there was no need. Anyway at the time I was 24 weeks pregnant so was advised by the community midwife to go and get checked. Apart from my blood pressure being up and a bit of a mark myself and baby were ok. My car insurance company then sent me for a physio appointment to see if I had suffered any muscle injury, as it turns out they said I had reduced range on my left side which is common after such accidents. As it doesn't hurt as such it normally gets missed. The car insurance company legal department agreed to pay for 6 sessions for me and got on with the claim. After initially admitting liability they then went back on their word but once they were told that a witness had heard him admit liability and that I was pregnant and would be referred to a private doctor they changed their minds. A few weeks later I received a cheque, wasn't a massive amount but as I wasn’t after anything then it was a bonus. I was told that the amount of compensation was relevant to an injury that should clear up within 2 months. From the date of the accident to receiving the cheque I think it was 8 weeks.
  15. Hi all Well I got a few more quotes and they vary by £300 which seems a lot on something of this value. Anyone had a composite door fitted recently and can make a recommendation? Thanks
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