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  1. We should "live so long" as to see them grow,that is ,if they get the chance .Saplings are a prime target for vandals.
  2. Amey are ruling Sheffield like a Despots ,trees ,street lighting ,road repairs,, all questions and requests regarding any of these matters,, are all totally ignored, regardless of how many "roads " you go down to get at them .There must be a higher authority ,NOT Sheffield council.. who have made this mega rod for the people of Sheffield,,,who can stop this take over of our city .Maybe it's time for a NEW council,,, and it's members be selected by the people who pay their wages,, US.! Rather like the situation when 10 million pounds were "lost " Money collected from rate payers ,should be spent on the city, not salted away in some foreign country.
  3. Well Mr Shaw,, how long have you lived in Sheffield and not have known that The Star building was used for the production of,, The Star newspaper.
  4. GROW UP. Judging by the amount of posts you have contributed over the years,,,,,,,, you obviously are short of something to do . Get a life, and stop being so "SMART" ,which you aren't .................................
  5. It's called PATCHING ,, a practise long used by Sheffield council,,, Why do a good job, when a bad one won't be noticed !!!!! ---------- Post added 24-11-2017 at 07:22 ---------- The problem is ,,,,, country roads ,are NOT wide enough for H.G.Vs and were NOT intended for usage by H.G.V's ,they damage the verges . Grass Verges, drive at almost motorway speeds, and give little regard for oncoming traffic.And YES .I do know what I am talking about, as my preference is,,,, to use the B roads ,on long journeys to AVOID lorries. which is now,,, no longer possible. ,or safe. That ,,my friend ,,is the problem.
  6. I appreciate that lorries may go wherever they want to ,. my contention is ,,that they fill the whole road, meeting one "Face to Face" on a road with parked cars on both sides, leaves the car driver with no alternative but to reverse ,as it is highly unlikely a lorry learner has neither the ability.. or the space.,and the tutors should take this into account . ---------- Post added 22-11-2017 at 19:22 ---------- I vaguely remember that Norton airfield was used for all types of learner drivers, considerably safer and room enough for them all to get road wise. ---------- Post added 22-11-2017 at 19:29 ---------- To stop their lorries getting damaged, repairs to the underneath bits are,, i imagine ,, very expensive,, so,, using newly tarmacked roads is self preservation ,or ,should I say ,lorry preservation... ---------- Post added 22-11-2017 at 19:32 ---------- If you live in E Lancs, why are you poking your nose into Yorkshire roads ???? ---------- Post added 22-11-2017 at 19:56 ---------- YES ,,,I did know that.,but thank you for reminding me,, since 2006, lorries are now the menaces that are using country lanes throughout Derbyshire and Yorkshire, just because their Sat, Navs tell the driver's that they can save a few minutes.,by using them .. Ain't that the truth !!!!!
  7. It may have escaped your blinkered view on cars,,,, but some do NOT have movable wing mirrors. Why are you so nasty.????
  8. Has anyone else noticed that newly resurfaced roads are now being used by heavy goods lorries driving schools for training learner drivers, no doubt all the pot holes will return before too long, and highly likely a few car wing mirrors will not be where they should be. Where did they take learner HGV before ???
  9. I did send you a long answer to your "holier than thou " but the people who monitor this site ,deleted it, Doesn't really matter now, because you do spout a load of rubbish anyway, ---------- Post added 17-11-2017 at 07:31 ---------- would you care to clarify "SOME distance "? Probably about 25 yards. I do notice everything ,,,,, don't be SO patronising .. ---------- Post added 17-11-2017 at 07:42 ---------- Amey does appear to be doing a lot of driving ,in an inordinate number of new cars,estate cars, 4 by 4's, vans, but not a lot of working vehicles. As a matter of interest, are we, Sheffield rate payers buying all these new vehicles.Ironically , they do have the message "Making Sheffield Greener." and adding to the pollution , even spotted some cars in Derbyshire !!!! just driving..
  10. You have misread,,, misunderstood, my reply.... Nowhere did I say anything about pollution in particular .Buses ,,heavy goods lorries ,an increasing number of which ,now use side roads to save a few minutes on a journey, causing yet more pollution. By the way CYCLONE,, my mode of transport is absolutely none of your business, to coin a phrase """On yer bike " ---------- Post added 04-11-2017 at 06:55 ---------- What is it with you and this Chuck Norris ????
  11. Don't suppose you have put BUSES into your equation of polluters . particularly all the empty ones that prowl the highways. If the "BUS LANES" were given back to motorists, the pollution levels would drop, as there would not be the queues of traffic on hold in the one lane that we have been allowed to drive,,or not, ---------- Post added 31-10-2017 at 09:32 ---------- ME,,, I drive,, it's the only pleasure left to me that I truly enjoy. I leave public transport seats for the people who do not have a car. Bike riding is too dangerous..and I only walk in the wood lands, or on beaches,,, which I need my car to get to either. O.K. ---------- Post added 31-10-2017 at 09:39 ---------- Seemingly woodland trees now come under the "Unsafe " umbrella .Poor old Sheffield ,being de -tree'd an no one gives a toss
  12. Obviously you don't drive !!!! ---------- Post added 25-10-2017 at 20:51 ---------- Driving along Ecclesfield Road today through the wooded area, there was a gang of workers with chain saws removing trees, from the woodland, not just the odd one, ad hoc destruction,, for what. and why, and who is the tree hater on the council?? Sheffield used to be the greenest city in the U.K Doesn't anyone care,? ---------- Post added 25-10-2017 at 20:56 ---------- Well ..you sound as though you have a "Finger " in this Pie.
  13. Maybe if Amey had spent less time on removing our paving slabs and ruining our footpaths with glaring concrete and tarmac , they could have finished the roads. The paving slabs were perfect, and would outlive Amey's contract time. I suspect they were designated for another job, in another city ,or even another country .We ,Sheffield tax payers ,are being taken to the cleaners. AND they can't blame bad weather for their lack of progress on the roads. Driving around today on the pot hole infested roads, I was hard pressed to find re done ones. or any being done . ---------- Post added 23-10-2017 at 19:45 ---------- I don't think that Sheffield C,C, are aware that trees are the lungs of the planet. Sheffield included. It's all very well they keep blaming motorists for pollution When I lived in Southern Ireland ,the government planted a tree for every householder in the country, and sent a document telling each house where their tree was planted, and a map to find it. So Sheffield C.C start digging instead of chopping.
  14. It beggars belief why, ,AMEY were given a 25 year contract. given carte blanche to remove thousands of trees, remove perfectly adequate, and no doubt costly paving slabs, replaced by acres of glaringly white concrete ,removed grass verges, resurfaced footpaths that carry little or no foot traffic,and left the majority of roads in the condition they were in five years ago. i saw two lorries ,five "Workers " with two sweeping brushes ,take a whole week to sweep the pavements to fill cracks in .Sheffield Council has a lot to answer for ,by just throwing tax payers money into AMEY'S pockets
  15. The roads that were resurfaced. you may have noticed,, were all the roads used for the CYCLE RACE,
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