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  1. (its not brunch) im taking a friend to town tomorrow, and i fancy some brinner, as in, late breakfast. since all I have done is eaten heavy greasy food lately, im after somewhere that does pancakes, decent coffee and that sort of thing, anyone got any suggestions? the same for late lunch too Thanks all
  2. didnt think it was that expensive to be honest, under a tenner a roll scanned in
  3. I have a flickr page, and have just uploaded quite a few more photos, mostly of Sheffield, lots of street art and graffiti, all the black and white is shot on film. Im still rather new to the film, so some isnt all that good, but i like to look back at how i have improved! https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnorme/sets I hope you enjoy them
  4. im 30 and just started to explore sheffield
  5. Thanks The small office, which was only about 2m square got knocked down accidentally, someone then took all the bricks and built a garden shed! Sounds like you did well fitting all that machinery in there
  6. As far as I can work out, we bought the building more or less as a shell. the offices were demolished, and rebuilt at the opposite end. The factory was then extended over the old offices . There was a small brick foremans office half way down, inside the warehouse, built up to the wall that faced Barking Street. Looking into it further, it seems that Derihons moved to Darley Dale, and thats the cause of the dunlop street works closing, so I would imagine all their machinery went with them. Derihons had a 1500kW electricity supply, which is pretty large, and would indicate electric furnaces. All our furnaces are natural gas and can take up to 30 tonnes on a charge The old school wall still remains in part on Carbrook Street, and you can see where there was a gate, now bricked up. Bizzarely, the old school gate has been saved and is stashed away. On the inside of the school wall, someone has written in white paint 'no parking' I'm not sure how old this is, but I think it predates our factory as we built the heat treatment facility on the site of the school in about 1969. We kept part of the school cellars for a while, as storage, until the site was extended again, I think in the late 70s, early 80s. Does anyone remember the buzzing electrical gear across the road inbetween the big factory? (think it was Jessop Saville)
  7. Thanks, thats quite interesting, I had always wondered what it was used for before our company bought it in 1968. The actual pair of warehouses that are original are still there but we built warehouses on barking street, Albert street, the site of the school and of course, the terraced houses. Short street, Askern Street, and Luton Street are still there, in their original locations, but used as our internal roadways, the land around these streets is now used for our storage yards and car park We are a steel company, and we supply specialist steels to the oil and gas industry mostly. we have a saw shop, machining, and heat treatment facilities. We also own the New Inn which is used as offices now.
  8. Just to be sure, you are on about this building http://goo.gl/maps/c8Ia7 the pair of dark warehouses under the A Do you know why it closed in the late 60s?
  9. Hi, Slight revival of an old thread, and slightly off topic, but does anyone remember the factory that was adjacent the school on Barking Street? It went up in the 30s and its between the 30s and 1968 that I am interested in its use. It is marked on some maps as the Spring Works I think the entrance was on Dunlop Street, and it had a sizeable electricity supply
  10. no, nowhere near a hospital, its in the middle of the countryside
  11. the gates are locked at 7, its still plenty dark by then. and if you want, you can always get in through the back door
  12. its open all day from about 8 in the morning to 6 at night i think. Free entry and there is parking too
  13. in the sixth pic, you can see some sort of mist and in some, you can see the orbs feintly. ill look for some more. This is the place at night ---------- Post added 04-01-2013 at 01:53 ---------- and this is just general shots of the hall
  14. No, i doubt it, I very rarely venture into the city centre. I do love local history and always find myself asking, what used to be here, what was it before etc. I have a fondness of industrial settings so tend to frequent the don valley
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