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  1. Well nothing surprises me in boxing if Fury v Wilder doesn't go ahead- despite the February date being 'agreed'. Either way I see Fury beating Wilder on points. Fury is the best boxer technically from all the current heavyweights. Wilder will need to KO Fury and pray that this time he doesn't get up like Lazarus.
  2. Agree on Whyte and Povetkin. Think Whyte may have been sloppy due to the drug investigation and potential ban, which he was only cleared of on Friday. Hopefully he can re-group and get back to his usual self- I actually see him fighting Ruiz. Povetkin is not a danger anymore, picking up last cheques before the curtain falls on his career.
  3. I See You 6.5/10 Surprisingly good film which I came across whilst trying to find a movie for Sunday night. Could be described as a thriller with a good mix of suspense- above average film and worth a watch.
  4. He got £60m or whatever it was because KSA put up the biggest purse- period. Also in boxing there's a saying, styles make fights. Ruiz is an awkward fighter for AJ. Ken Norten and Fraizer were for Ali, yet both got destroyed by Foreman- who Ali beat. That's boxing.
  5. Joshua did what he had to- BOX. Avoid going in for close encounters and getting into a war, because that is the only way Ruiz can fight. Ruiz came in heavier than the first fight- poor prep. You were the champion and blew it. He's been talking up a 3rd fight but Hearn won't have any of it. This was not a 'box office' fight but had to be hyped to one to get Joshua back in the game. Ruiz got £10m at least so he's sorted . There is no way he will get anything like that from his next few fights. Much bigger fish out there for AJ as well as mandatory challengers set by the governing bodies- unless a belt is given up.
  6. Silva is pretty much hanging on only due to owner support (who was desparate to have him and tried to poach from Watford during last season). News has it he will be gone by tonight and Moyes to be brough in interim, which has not gone down well with some fans (don't blame them)! This has been one of the strangest seasons to memory, with so many managers gone before Xmas.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50666909 So I trust this fella will be locked up indefinitely.
  8. No it wouldn't. It's been said before, humans by nature will always find something to fight and kill over. Also Fascism and Communism, which were atheist ideologies, killed over 150m people in the 20th century.
  9. Well, the thread is named "And the Next Football boss to be sacked/ resign..."
  10. I wanted to see more of Keitel as Angelo Bruno, but he wasn't a key part. Agree about Pacino going a bit OTT with the Hoffa character. Unless testimony from people who knew him, said he was like that- I thought Pacino was reincarnated as Tony Montana.
  11. The Irishman 8/10 Surely to please the Mafia movie fans or followers of Scorcese and De Niro- I fit in both categories. Enjoyable romp of 3 hrs which dwells in to the Hoffa links more than anything else.
  12. I disagree. For starters the highest number of deaths by Islamists are usually Muslim! Look at the victims of Al Qaeda or ISIS They kill Muslims more than non Muslims.
  13. Yes but I have never seen that description given to them. Nor does any media refer to Islamists right wing.
  14. That is not how they are defined.
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