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  1. Yes definitely and the money that would have been splashed on a family holiday, has gone on spending on the house. In general lockdown has allowed some people to put a bit extra away- less eating out, no pubs, clubs and shopping (non essential).
  2. Err.. she was an actress before marrying him. Looks like she wears the trousers anyway.
  3. We had our en suite done in Sept 2020, plumber was booked to March 2021! He told me he'd never been busier, and if someone can fit few jobs in, probably wasn't worth hiring. During the first lockdown when I was buying timber, that too was a task- places were busy as weather was good, so ppl were doing a lot of outdoor work.
  4. None of which could be made without earth's natural elements. In fact, scientists say these will become scarce, as generations look to keep updating phones, televisions etc.
  5. Now she knows the true meaning of ISIS... I'M STUCK IN SYRIA
  6. Don't expect to see it on Rightmove anytime though..even if logistics one day allow humans to get to Mars- conditions would not warrant living there.
  7. Looks like Bournemouth may give Jonas Woodgate more time as manager. Which is good, I'd rather see him get a chance than throwing the dice on Thierry Henry. I think Henry will be one if those "great players don't make great managers" type.
  8. Me too hauxwell. Did make me think there might be more to it, but I couldn't put my finger on it.🤔
  9. Bloodlands BBC1 Just started today and looks good- 4 part series set around Belfast.
  10. Red Dot 7/10 Swedish based film (Netflix/ subtitles). A couple who decide to go on a hike to rekindle their marriage, end up having to run for their lives to evade someone trying to hunt them.
  11. Money that could be spent preserving the planet we occupy and probably will ever only occupy.
  12. I was on the phone with a customs agency in ROI and was being told UK has made things so much harder. Trade was held up, goods not getting through (including into Northern Ireland) because of the countless new documentations now needed. Tariffs and customs clearance which effectively puts prices of goods up.
  13. Getting through to hmrc is a task in itself. Probably harder prior to 31st January due to the self assessment deadline. I've sometimes just wrote to the office concerned, giving details including any proof etc if you are challenging anything.
  14. Mr Inbetween This is a fantastic black comedy from Australia. Absolutely got hooked on season one and was eager to get the 2nd season running. The episodes are only 25min each so you get through quickly, but it's perfectly balanced. Loved every minute and hope the creators do a 3rd season.
  15. Yes the last episode did allude to the possibility that Wanda is controlling things. I'm just thinking if WandaVision is more to do with Wanda's 'vision' ...that she is seeing what she wants- Vision alive, nice house, kids etc..
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