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  1. He was incredibly fit in 86 and to leap by beating Shilton (Maradona was 5 ft 5) just shows his ability. He also had extremely strong muscular thighs, that I always thought was one reason he was so hard to challenge off the ball. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/44332377560347305/
  2. I liked Memento and though it was a bit confusing, you kind of work out as to what's happening. If I recall, Nolan also made Inception ? That was okay-ish but again, there was too much going on. Tenet was supposed to be this years blockbuster. With other big movies not completed or release date delayed due to coronavirus. Glad I didn't go cinema to watch it.
  3. The Undoing Been watching this short 6 part mystery series which centres around the death of a woman, with suspect falling on affluent doctor. The star cast is good, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant and (I thought he was dead) Donald Sutherland. Its been getting alot of reviews and drawn many viewers. Its a slick drama, enough mystery thrown in but as the final was aired yesterday, a slight let down in expectation.
  4. May be true for some but how many domestic wall chargers do you see?
  5. May be not everyone can or afford to. Some are close to £500 from what I've seen. Mercedes offer one free "worth £499" as they advertised on their website- of course if you buy one of their cars! I would consider one but only if I was convinced it is the way ffwd. Also our government may be banging on about it now, but could change their tune later.
  6. That's one reason I usually end up giving up on Christopher Nolan's mindbending 'sci fi thrillers'. I watched around 30mins of it few months ago and then had enough. Had no clue what was going on.
  7. Agree and surely also a burglary opportunity for some. If you have no choice but to leave a door ajar or downstairs window open to run cables, it opens up other potential problems. I was almost 90% going to opt for a PHEV and have a drive/ garage so no issues with cable. However if I can get an efficient diesel I may well stick with these for another 3 yrs at least.
  8. ☝ That's why if I ever opted for a hybrid, it would be a PHEV, not a fully EV. At least you have the petrol engine there to manage if your cars battery has drained. There is still so much that needs ironing out whatever you opt for. I've seen someone on our street who has a BMW 5 series PHEV, which is constantly on charge. I don't think I've ever seen it not having a cable plugged in, whilst parked up. My guess is they are using a standard home plug.
  9. The same can be said about George Best or Paul Gascoigne, both who let an addiction ruin what could have been a longer more fruitful career. There are others, some well known and some not so. Maradona would not be the icon he became if not for his controversies. His 'hand of God' goal stood because the referee and other officials allowed it. From their view it looked a genuine goal. Then he scored what for many, was a goal of the highest level. That was Maradona .
  10. That will be an issue. I was in London few days ago and on one street was a single charging point. But who gets to use it first or when will be something to look at- if you have numerous cars waiting to charge. Luckily we have a drive so if I opted for a hybrid, I can charge from home.
  11. I'm due a new car soon and will have to think about a hybrid option. Not that I have to, but if this is the way forward then makes sense to do so. In addition if I stay on a company car option, then surely the hybrid/ EV is a no brainer due to the savings.
  12. A genuine old school entertainer who you could sit down with the family and watch.
  13. I never said it was. I stated most prisoners get attacked 'inside'. Inside meaning whether its a prison or another place holding the criminals- mad or not.
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