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  1. Tax doesn't carry over. Legally you should not be driving an untaxed car- you would need to tax it prior to buying as far as I know. You can get the logbook info from seller (V5C) and tax the car online before you go to pick up.
  2. Yep..sounds like with lockdown everyone has turned into bakers.
  3. I agree with the 4/10 and that's with me just watching 20mins of it 2 days ago- I knew it was going to be disastrous. I'm huge crime buff and particularly anything to do with organized crime, so was looking forward to this- big let down IMO.
  4. Fallen 7/10 An old Denzel Washington film which I re-watched on Amazon. A supernatural thriller that seems to be better second time around- never noticed when I first saw back in 98, but James Gandolfini was in it and what a star he became in his own right.
  5. I believe the current England team are not as good as they think they are. Shortcomings are readily exposed when up against better teams, typically when playing top European sides like France, Spain, Germany, Croatia to name a few. I liked the 96 team - it was a mix of experience and new raw talent, with a manager who got the best out of Gazza. Euro 96 was a brilliant tournament, the summer, at home, THAT song!
  6. I've started watching this again as its showing weekly. Personally I like how Jeremy presents it, only speaks when needs to, and doesn't yap on like Tarrant did. I also like how he has a dry sense of humor and at times can be a little direct- plays to the audience/ contestants.
  7. The Boys I gave this a look once I saw that it was a superhero series- I'm glad I did. It's really well made and directed, with a slightly different take on your conventional superhero movies. Typically revolves around a group of 'superheroes' who are are treated like pop stars- all glamour and marketing, run by a corporate company. However, aside from individually having bigger issues, they are hunted by a bunch of vigilantes who want to kill em! Karl Urban is brilliant as the lead guy, who has the filthiest vocabulary going.
  8. I don't think cauliflower rice is sold in general, at least not in supermarkets. Perhaps a speciality/ health store would be best. You can easily make this yourself- grate the florets. Also rice is not grown here so alot of it comes from various parts of the world. Basmati only from subcontinent whereas other rice types like Long Grain or Easy Cook/ Jasmine are typically from South Asia or USA. Given the coronavirus situation then getting goods across is challenging, hence shortages. In addition as rice is a staple product, demand of this shot up following the lockdown. Have you tried steamed rice like the pouches- the Tilda ones are very good and widely available.
  9. Zulu 6.5/10 No, not the 70s version with Michael Caine- this one is a totally different type of film starring the brilliant Forrest Whitaker. He plays a police captain in South Africa, with his partner (Olanda Bloom) who are investigating a series of vicious 'murders' along with disappearances of black kids- which has a link to some dodgy high end folks.
  10. True. He has divided America even more than it was and his small minded followers will continue to back him, despite his incompetence.
  11. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/donald-trump-storms-out-after-22011619 The racist president again finding it hard to hide his true colours. Unable to give an appropriate response from a journalist, who he had invited to ask a question! Throwing his toys out from his pram as usual.
  12. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-52604676 Germany sees a rise in coronavirus cases having eased lockdown.
  13. I believe it only came to light after his death.
  14. That was Lynette Gillard- she appeared on Deal or No Deal hoping to win at least £15k for IVF treatment. She didn't win but George Michael had watched the show and rang (Ch 4) the next day to give the full £15k to her.
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