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  1. Here is the trailer for Truth Will Out I will have to decide on watching Unbelievable or The Stranger next- so many damn series at the moment..
  2. I was about to start watching this but ended up downloading The Truth Be Out, a Swedish thriller based on true events. I'm 2 episodes in and think it was a good choice- beginning to build up now. I'm hoping to get a chance to see Unbelievable at some stage, it does sound very good.
  3. Difficult viewing especially when you see kids being blown apart and the level of destruction. I had to pause for a while after the scene where the 2 boys bring in their young brother (who unfortunately does not survive a bombing), and they are then seen together crying, one kissing the forehead of the dead brother☹️ It is a shame that this has been allowed to happen and I hope justice prevails for the ppl of Syria, and those cowards who bombed (and their leaders) are charged for war crimes. Why on earth would you bomb a hospital??!! Knowing there are people already in there dying or being saved.
  4. Nothing really other than this guy isn't exactly going to understand what it's like living on basics. Surely another one to make the rich richer.
  5. Rishi Sunak is another banker, and who also happens to be the son in law of a billionaire Indian businessman... nice.
  6. Obvious ppl noticed as it was social media.. Is it racism- no. Is it foolish- yes.
  7. As I understand he has been contacted by the FA to explain his actions. Pretty certain a fine will be imposed and perhaps his club may do likewise or give him a warning. I don't see it as racist personally , just a silly thing to do given the seriousness of this virus. He's apologised and realized it was foolish.
  8. Parasite was well deserved- my favourite film last year. A bit fed up how some of these hollywood stars, especially winners- are using these platforms to make their political statements. By all means understand you want to speak out and some of it is well worth documenting, but these people are stars and can say it anytime anywhere...and more often! Not just 1 or 2 x year as you stand on stage.
  9. Most food products usually have some printed data, including date, time etc. In majority of cases there is a batch code, a few numbers that won't mean anything to the consumer, but a lot to the manufacturer. This number can be traced back by the supplier, to determine when the product was packed and from which batch. Any complaints on quality or other issues can usually be identified from this number.
  10. Knives Out 7/10 If you like a murder mystery 'who done it' type of film, then this one is for you. It has a stellar cast including Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis and Mike Shannon. It was good to see Don Johnson, still looks smooth the sonofagun.
  11. True but it sells a story and media will be on it for sometime- like now digging deeper to find out more. The latest from Schofield is that he has said (which I suspected anyway) that his wife has known for 'a while'. In addition he admits he knew he was gay when they married in 1993.
  12. I've just started looking at these- as my modem (VM) is upstairs and I use cable to plug into my laptop- just because it's an office room so ethernet gives faster connection. But my signal downstairs is weaker, e.g. on smart tv or other gadgets. But I'm not a geek so anyone here who can help with how to set up these T P links please kindly do. Does the TP link need to be connected in with the modem/ same room?
  13. Had to be, no wonder his wife never worried about him straying with Holly.
  14. It's being discussed that not paying tv licence should be decriminalised. Personally I think BBC needs to move on with the times. There are not engaging with younger people. I'm in my 40s and don't watch much of any BBC channels/ offerings. If they want to justify a licence fee then improve what they currently put on- its rubbish!
  15. Anyway, this guy must have wanted to be shot- wearing a suicide vest usually only has one ending.
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