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  1. I think this was Yorkshire cities.
  2. Yes I saw in one branch black tape in form of arrows directing shoppers- but not easy to follow or implement 100%
  3. Sheffield has thr highest number of covid19 cases- just saw on local news. Standing at 286 cases
  4. That may be the system in place. Stores have put in a queue system- one in/ one out.
  5. To be fair, Daniel Craig was seen to be the nearest to the character as written by Ian Flemming, and later authors too.
  6. It will be very challenging to find the person to capture what Daniel Craig has, playing Bond. For me, he is no.1 Bond followed by Sean Connery- I push Craig ahead as he has that killer look. Very rarely smiles in his Bond films, always has a 'I don't trust you look' and that can do attitude/ screw the rules persona. So at the moment I see no replacement to take this mantle- nobody springs to mind automatically.
  7. Yes I've noticed this now pretty much in all supermarkets- it is the best they can do. Also saw check out lady take additional units of one product (noodles) away from customer- good to see store staff are implementing the rules.
  8. Well, things will surely change. Also reading pollution levels are down in China and NY, canals in Italy are clear and appear fresher. Maybe this was nature's way of saying- SLOW DOWN. ENOUGH.
  9. I don't think these can be found anywhere currently- pretty much comes in/goes out or suppliers cannot get for whatever reason. ...people be scrubbing their own kids down..😀
  10. Looking at some images and reports, no panic buying in Spain,Italy or France.
  11. They can barely fill shelves so cannot see how they will manage to disinfect trolleys and baskets.
  12. Just Mercy 7.5/10 Based on a true story about a black Harvard educated lawyer who sets out to examine injustices for black prisoners. Michael B Jordan and Jamie Foxx give good performances playing the real life lawyer and prisoner.
  13. Yes I've heard this too. We have space to put one in but I've told OH we shouldn't- be it because of virus situation/ panic buying or general. My view is you only end up buying more frozen foods and may not even use as often. Keep it simple is always easier.
  14. Think bigger pressures are on refilling - I've been to 3 stores this morning ( Tesco, Sainsbury and Co OP) and each one was empty on bakery, veg, cereals and typically tinned stuff. It's the bakery that probably is the biggest issue. Deliveries can't get out fast enough, when they do, the stores are ransacked. I spoke to local Londis owner, he just had Warburtons delivery but no bread. I felt sorry for him- his clearly going to be less important with bigger fish to feed.
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