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  1. https://news.sky.com/story/french-bulldog-tied-to-vehicle-in-bootle-and-dragged-to-her-death-11748886 I hope these cowards are found and punished. A firm sentence should be imposed to deter anyone in future. What is even more harrowing is that it looks like the dog may just had puppies.
  2. Bojo was interviewed by Nick Ferrari this morning on LBC. Avoided to answer questions on the picture in this mornings newspapers- apparently showing him and his girlfriend at a picnic sitting together ..turns out this is likely an old picture of the couple, and before his bust up with her. Nick even questioned Bojo's hair being different to what it is today- he had no doubt the picture was sent by someone from his party to the papers. Bojo only really stressed he will get UK out of Brexit come what may on Dec 31st- deal or no deal.
  3. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-rafa-benitez-leaves-newcastle-17129000 Yep. Looks like he finally lost patience with the board.
  4. There is no answer to getting out of Brexit- no one has it. If we are a democracy then let the people vote again or revoke article 50 as it seems the consequences of going through Brexit is going to be more damaging. Have just heard Jacob Rees on radio and he is still endorsing Boris- thinks no one else has what he has!
  5. Really. Like you give a damn. Iran backed Assad forces, who themselves were fighting outside forces including UK intervention. Regime changes, Arab spring etc all occurred systematically. Assad clearly opposed his own people wanting a change. America bombs countries and starts wars to line their own pocket. They meddle in the ME when they should stay out.
  6. Well Iran hasn't bombed or invaded anyone recently.
  7. Trump has already endorsed Boris- he is in the party of those "great guy" comment Trump bands around. Looks like the evil state of America is going to invade another country or at least start the war.
  8. She's the reason we're in this situation. Anyway, whoever wins is likely to have the other (loser) candidates in their cabinet- after all they represent the same party. Rory Stewart may of course consider playing the key role in a movie about the life of William Defoe..an uncanny resemblance there!
  9. Dear Lord.. this is how he is now when facing a 1-1 tv appearance interview, heaven help the UK when he has to deal with a crisis that could affect the nation.
  10. He is so unbelievable..a complete fool and blinded by hate.
  11. War of Arrows 7.5/10 Another cracking Korean film - a Munchu invasion from the Qing dynasty destroy a city and from the prisoners taken, is the sister of a skilled archer. He decides to work his way through the troops to rescue his sister.
  12. Another attack on London's mayor Khan from the bigot President. https://news.sky.com/story/hes-a-disaster-trump-attacks-khan-after-three-killed-in-london-in-space-of-24-hours-11742412 Has he forgotten how bad New York was as one of the most violent cities. More recently what has he done to tackle gun crime- what's he doing about white supremacists shooting dead people in churches and the like..
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