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  1. Agree, this has been raised by some pundits too. Rashford and Sancho (sound like cops) barely got a run out. Then we're tasked to take crucial spot kicks- you could tell it was going to be uneasy. Also, Rashford's run up was hesitant, too long and he looked unsure- I made a cuppa and got back on the sofa before he struck the ball.. 😆
  2. Poor Saka will get a bit of abuse now for a while, and so will the other two players who missed. Unfortunately, all were black players, which will make it that much worse. I'm not sure why Saka was tasked to take the decisive kick- this had to go in following Pickford's save earlier. More experienced players should have been on that list of takers.
  3. Agree, he was finding it tough given his stature, against very tall Danish players. However, as you say, managed a few runs towards goal area, but wasn't his best game. I'd like to see Foden have a run out, play with Sterling -for the City link.
  4. Werewolves Within 6.5/10 A mix of horror, thriller, and comedy thrown in together. Strange going ons in a remote neighbourhood where bodies are being found, suspected residents and a possible werewolf keep you guessing.
  5. Personally, I had Italy as potential finalists and possible winners. They look good as a team and no selfish players- plus Macini has done great to bring them more closer. Though seeing Spain yesterday, test of character etc, can't rule them out. Germany- not sure, not been great but tonight against the old enemy, they always up their game.
  6. I agree, well said- saved me from having to give my view but share it with Thirsty...have drink on me.
  7. I agree, this was very good- I saw it last week , giving it a 2nd chance, initially finding it too slow. FORBRYDELSEN- The Killing Seaon 3 Danish series, brilliant and well worth watching if you haven't seen any of them. For me, 3rd season was probably the best.
  8. I was thinking of it, but might wait to see how ratings go- I've watched WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier, both of which I enjoyed- albeit the former did take time to make sense. Currently also tuning into the series Superman and Lois- which has been really good, up to part 7. If Loki hits the right track then I'll probably stream.
  9. I thought Scotland did OK, England on the other hand were devoid of ideas. Scotland will be the happier team tonight, a draw still gives them something to fight with.
  10. Interesting. Still, I do recall reading that in terms of the lethal injection not being 'ethical' especially if the substance used was not as effective - why should the one facing death be given a less painful ending. The argument from some corners, was that these murderers never gave their victims a choice.
  11. Same here, was very good. I still can't understand how this killer/ rapist spent 30+ yrs on death row. It's not like he didn't confess or there were holes in the investigation. Crazy and a waste of taxpayers money!
  12. Agree on England, but don't think Portugal will either. A younger Ronaldo might have carried team to it, but think there's not enough quality for him to do it at 36yrs old.
  13. Agree, especially when the soldiers get to see the aerial view the Taliban had- unbelievable. I watched the YouTube video of Romesha getting his medal of honour from Obama, if you wanted to follow up on the real life interviews.
  14. The Outpost 8/10 True story based on the Battle at Kamdesh, Afghanistan, involving US troops and the Taliban. Very intense and excellent choreography, in addition to the actors playing the real life soldiers- particularly Scott Eastwood (dead handsome son of the great Clint). Well worth a watch.
  15. TIME BBC Two heavyweights in Sean Bean and Stephen Graham star in this 3 part prison drama. Very good, well written and great performances all round, but these two stars stand out.
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