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  1. That's no way how a Halal abattoir should operate- glad it has closed. Certain etiquettes exist on how the animal should be treated- these guys clearly didn't bother. However you can find plenty so called videos even non Halal slaughter houses. This is from one in Belgium- who want to ban Halal slaughter!
  2. The proponents argue it still causes distractions, but so does a car full of people who are shouting or screaming. Or a couple arguing whilst one is driving. Hands free in my opinion is safe- could it be made safer, perhaps yes and it's that what should be considered.
  3. Yes I know, I posted the link. I also highlight the last sentence.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/may/08/what-does-halal-method-animal-slaughter-involve
  5. No it's not. Under Islam it is necessary as it is also for Jews, to ensure blood is drained out of the animal. Germs and bacteria etc form in blood. Muslims are forbidden to consume blood or eat animals which are dead (before slaughter). I often visit one particular store in Dewsbury which serves Halal meat to non Muslims- many of them happy to see cleaner meat and some comment on finding it tastier/healthier due to how it is cleansed. As reminder majority of abatoirs serving a Halal offering, stun the animals. It's the Jewish law that doesn't allow any stunning.
  6. You'll find that under Shechita, animals are not stunned at all- just no 2 ways about it.
  7. No it seems Borista336 has a problem with Islam, period. Whats funny, is he and many others who are against Halal slaughter, don't stop to ask when biting into their chicken korma or lamb bhuna at their Indian restaurant or take away- which in my view 9 out of 10 times is Halal.
  8. Liverpool Man city Arsenal Tottenham Man Utd Chelsea Wolves Everton Leicester Aston Villa
  9. Yeah the ending part had me too when I first saw it- some good Spanish films out there so keep looking.
  10. Feel free to give your qualified view along with your credentials...in the meantime go shoot dead some animals.
  11. What qualifies you to determine what is cruel or not when targetting shechita/halal. I also find it incredulous that some on here are 'concerned' about the last few mins of an animals life, but not how that animal has been kept- usually in appalling conditions at factory farms. In Islam, the animal's welfare is extremely important- read up on it instead of just ranting about methods of slaughter. Even your favourite yummy pork- pigs, are raised in barren crates or pens at industrial-scale facilities without fresh air or sunlight. They live on hard, slatted floors that do not accommodate their natural urge to root! But you don't make a fuss about that.. Joe Regenstein, professor of food science at Cornell University who leads the university’s Kosher and Halal Food Initiative says this:
  12. Ouch! Nice one. One wonders if it only bothers them when it comes to religions or a specific (cough/ Islam) religion.
  13. Good post. That is the crux of the matter- until gun laws change, America will continue to have these mass shootings. Whether the shooter has motive or not.
  14. He ought to look at Japan then- pioneers of video games and yet one of the most peaceful countries in the world.
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