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  1. In the past we’ve found Coppen to be hard to a hold of or slow to respond. However, we recently asked for permission to build an extension. It took a while to get them to respond but they did eventually. I don’t think they check their emails very often. Anyway, we got permission fine, it cost £300 which I didn’t think was too bad. They were quite helpful this time around and told us what we did and didn’t need permission for. Once we paid written permission was emailed to is to place with the lease.
  2. Hi I’m building a single storey extension to the rear of my property. A party wall act notification should be given I think in respect of the boundary (though this is unclear to me, do I need to or not?). My questions a lease hold property, should this be issued to my neighbour or the freeholder? What is the ramifications of not giving notice? Thanks
  3. Thanks Jeffrey. You’re very helpful. Much appreciated. So if we went ahead and built with out permission. They couldn’t fine us. They can only charge for permission, according to the act?
  4. Thanks Jeffrey. I’ve got to say I don’t really understand what’s that telling me. Our lease was hand written in 1938 and it a hard read. I reckon if I ask them about the process of getting approval for a single extension . I’ll never hear back from them. From what’s been said on here I probably don’t need to buy the freehold. However, at least there is a way of getting their attention for the purchase via a solicitor. How could I get them to respond to the request for approval?? All the while I’m having to wait before I can start the extension. As it happens, we wouldn’t have started it this year now, with Coronavirus lurking. Nevertheless, still very frustrating. Stay safe, stay indoors 🙂
  5. So do I need to pay the £45 for not using a specific insurer or not? I’m not sure I understand what’s been added below. We have always paid it. Jeffrey thank you for your reply with regards to purchasing the free hold and if it’s worth it. Part of the problem is not knowing how much it costs to make any changes to the property as making contact with Coppen is so difficult. We are currently wanting to put a single storey extension on and I’ve no idea how much it would cost to get their approval. This is partly why I’m looking at purchasing the FH. As Geared says, it such a hassle dealing with them that purchasing the freehold might be the best option. Im not even aware of what approval is needed for what changes. If we had to go through a long process every time we want to make changes to the property, it would be painful. What would be the penalty for just going ahead and making changes to a leasehold without approval from a freeholder?
  6. Hi We are looking to buy the freehold from Coppen estates for our property. I’ve contacted them a couple of times enquiring, but I’ve had no response. I see a few posts on here about Coppen Estates, which suggests the its a long drawn out process with them and they are difficult to work with. We have 800 year lease from 1932 and I’m unsure if it’s worth buying rather than apply to make changes to the property. The problem is getting any of information from Coppen at all Regarding prices etc. Does anybody have any advice for dealing with them? Is it worth buying such a long lease? Thanks in advance 🙂
  7. Can anybody tell me what high lane and Main Street is like in Ridgeway? Is it covered in snow/ice? I presume it hasn't been cleared? Thanks
  8. I've looked into the solid roof aswell. We got a quote from Guardian 9k which is just too much. We could just spend the extra money and have an extension built rather than doing that. Which the whole structure would last longer as an extension would undoubtably last longer. I dont really know the life span of a conservatory but ours has been up since 2001 and is in really good condition but I don't think it would be worth spending 9k on a new roof. How they can justify that amount I don't know. They do like nice though
  9. I've actually been looking at stoves today and that's probably what we will end up doing. I really want to be able to use it all year round. I'm not keen on the idea of storing stuff in there over winter and only using in summer. Our roof is glass panels at the front with 4 polycarbonate panels at the back. We have 2 full walls either side then the rest is glass (no dwarf walls). I want to get the heating right with the first attempt and don't want to spend money trying every option as this could be costly. I do sometimes wonder of the point of a conservatory, they are always too hot in summer and cold in winter. If we were considering adding more room in future. We would opt for an extension rather than conservatory. If only we'd known :-) thanks for all the replys.
  10. Unfortunately taking it down and rebuilding it isn't really an option for us any time soon. I'm really only looking for an efficient way of heating what we currently have. I did wonder about getting a calor gas stove but i think this would be quite costly. We don't have curtains up at the moment or blinds but do plan to do this soon. carpet isn't an option for us either due to the dog being in and out.
  11. We recently moved house and have a conservatory. Now the winter is here, the conservatory is freezing. Can anybody with a conservatory advise how they keep it warm through the winter. We would like to use it all year round but can't at the moment. We don't have any form of heating in there currently. It's around 4.5 x 4.5M. Have spoken to a few people who have radiators and underfloor heating in theirs but these don't keep it warm. Thanks
  12. Thanks for your reply Jeffrey. I had thought it might be to do with us using our own insurer. We haven't been informed that they have their own preferred insurer though. The lease is 800 years and the house was built in the 1930's so still has a lot of unexpired years left. ---------- Post added 28-07-2014 at 08:34 ---------- P.s the ground round is £1.80 a year I think
  13. We recently bought a property on the S13 area. It's lease hold and we have to pay the ground rent to Coppen Estates. Has anybody recently bought the lease in S13 area or close by and would you mind telling me how much it cost. Also we recently got a bill from Coppen estates for £45 for the 'annual insurance charge. Doed anybody know what this might be for? Doesn't look like the previous owner of the house had paid an annual insurance and no explanation has arrived with the invoice. Thanks Gza66 ---------- Post added 18-07-2014 at 17:43 ---------- P.s I have contacted our solicitors about this but wondered if anybody might know in meantime whilst we wait for a reply from them.
  14. Hi, Has anbody recently used a resonably priced Structual Engineer. Just been quoted £300 +vat for a specific problem report. Looking to see if i can get it any cheaper??
  15. I heard there is going to be an Ikea built near Meadowhall. Opening next year. A friend of a friend of a friend knows someone who is going to be working on it. Not sure if it's true though.
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